Dice Giveaway – 250 Twitter Follower Special

I can’t believe it but we hit 250 twitter followers on our Dungeons and Dragons Twitter account @PSJMaps this week.

It was only last week we broke 200 on Twitter, so that’s a huge increase in followers.

Thank you so much.

TL;DRHow to enter our Twitter competition

Update: 350 Follower (25th October)

Guys we smashed 300 followers and we’ve just reached 350 as well! That’s crazy.

We will now pick 2 awesome followers to be our TWO dice winners.


Update: 300 Follower (14th October)

Guys we just went through the 300 barrier.

I can’t quite believe it.

Thank you again!

For this reason I’ve decided to let anyone in the world enter, not just those who live in the UK!

International followers now entered into the draw. International shipping may however cause the dice to be taxed… depending on your country’s tax laws.

Unfortunately I can’t do much about that 🙁

D20 dice set giveaway

The amount of brilliant new content I’ve seen produced by those new followers is fantastic.

Cosplay costumes, makeup and props. RPG maps. Painted miniatures. Dice bags. Tiny in-game props. Stories from the table. Poems. In-game photos. DM tips. Player advice. PC background and history. Music.

So much content posted on Twitter.

That’s one of the reasons I love the D&D (and general RPG) community Twitter so much.

You guys are amazing.

So close to our followers being up by 100 in the last 28 days

So close to our followers being up by 100 in the last 28 days

twitter stats are well up

D&D content exposure to followers up by over 550%

The feedback from the Twitter community over my recent map doodles really spurred me on to produce our ever-expanding RPG map for #inktober.

Dungeons and Dragons: First map doodle with colour
First map doodle with colour
D&D Map A haunted basement from a large bustling tavern
A haunted basement below a large bustling tavern
Day 4 of Inktober - The Altar Rooms
Day 4 of Inktober – The Altar Room is added to the South East

Celebratory RPG Dice Giveaway

To celebrate, for the rest of the month I’ve decided to run a simple giveaway contest here on the blog.

On the 1st of November I will pick out a lucky winner, who’ll receive their choice of one of the following RPG dice set.

Dungeons and Dragon Dice Set Giveaway

They’ll get the D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D00 and of course our favourite… the almighty D20.

To Enter the Giveaway

To enter our little Twitter celebration, you must:

It’s as simple as that.

That’ll get your name in the hat (Actually it’ll go into a small wooden chest I use for D&D)

Improving Your Odds

These RT contests on Twitter generate a lot of short-term followers, so how do you as a dedicated follower improve your odds of winning?

During this month I’ll be adding to our D&D map for #inktober every day; if you post a blog comment answering that days questions… you’ll get entered into the hat wooden chest two more times!

Yes that’s right.

That will triple your odds of winning.

Also its a great way for me to see how you want the map to expand in the future.

Happy Contending!

So to summarise, to get into the contest with the best odds:

  • Follow @PSJMaps on Twitter,
  • RT our pinned Tweet,
  • Stabilise a dying rogue,
  • Live in the UK,
  • Answer the questions on any #inktober post,
  • Slay a bronze dragon,
  • Keep an eye out on November 1st for our Tweet about the winner!

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