Day 5: Cells #inktober D&D Map

We continue on our 5th day of #inktober to proceed further into the underground dungeon.

As we head west from the recently discovered marble altar room, we pass through another thick curtain to a small balcony.

Steps both North and South lead down to an intermediate level before descending further to a rough stone floor.

This level seems to be flanked on both sides by six small, barred, jail cells.

Day 5 of inktober - Adding the room of cells
Day 5 of inktober – Adding the room of cells

Each cell appears empty except for a rough wooden bed frame pushed against the far wall.

Although the cells show heavy use they’re kept in a decent condition.

A consistent draft blows over a stone bridge to the west, spanning a deep chasm.

Perhaps we should turn back and explore further to the East of the Alter rooms.

Inktober Questions

If you want to enter our new Dice Giveaway Competition, read the rules and answer these questions:

  • Who was the most famous inmate of these cells?
  • Why were they imprisoned here?
  • What would we find if we explored further, over the bridge to the West?

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