Bring Your RPG Character to Life: FOUR Questions for Crafting Rich Backstories


Have you ever found yourself at a loss for how to write a better dnd character? Do you want to know how to create a backstory that is both rich and memorable? To help you produce the best possible history for your new D&D characters, I’ve put together a list of questions that you should … Read more

Bringing the Mythos to Life: The Best in Lovecraftian Cthulhu Art

Are you a fan of H.P. Lovecraft and the dark, otherworldly horrors he spun into his tales? I sure am! Do you find inspiration in the eerie and unsettling imagery that embodies the Lovecraftian universe? If so, then this collection of horror inspirational art is just what you need to ignite your imagination and bring … Read more

Creating Spaceship Exteriors – World Building Inspiration

While my current Starfinder RPG campaign ploughs into the void of space, I continue to collect inspiration and draft up new spaceships to fill the little sci-fi universe. The majority of spaceships my players will never visit and have exteriors they’ll never see, but who doesn’t love building up and fleshing out their sci-fi world … Read more

Winter Wonderland: D&D World Building Inspiration for a Snowy Campaign

If you’re like me, creating new worlds is one of the most exhilarating aspects of playing Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder. Whether you’re conjuring up a bustling city or a quaint village, the possibilities are endless. However, sometimes inspiration can be hard to come by, leaving you feeling stuck and uncreative. That’s why I decided … Read more