Top 5 Christmas Gifts for D&D Fans

Looking for that perfect Christmas present or birthday gift? Do they play role playing games? Well read on, we’ve updated everything ready for 2023 (because who doesn’t need a burst of happiness at the moment!)

With Christmas just around the corner, I thought I’d update the previous Christmas gift-list suggestions, for all those friends and family members of D&D fans. Not sure what your friend would want and they haven’t written a Christmas wish-list (shame on them), well a whole bunch of gift ideas await you below.

These gifts make awesome presents ANY time of the year; including birthday presents, New Year parties, wedding anniversary gifts – heck any reason to give a gift!

Although this article focuses on those Christmas ideas specifically for Dungeon and Dragons players, other RPG gamers will love a lot of these present suggestions too.

The section specifically for D&D players is clearly marked.

TL>DR; Top 5 Christmas Gifts for RPG Players

You’re busy. We get it. Present buying takes time. Here’s our summarised list of present ideas for D&D and fantasy RPG players.

Okay so with the release of Wizard’s latest book, we’ve squeezed in a 6th suggestion for 2023 – don’t tell Santa!

  1. D&D campaign book – Curse of Strahd ~ £27
  2. WizKids’ Gargantuan Green Dragon – ~ £31
  3. Haxtex’s metal RPG dice sets ~ £15 – £25
  4. FantasyDice’s 20cm dragon dice-tray ~ £42
  5. Cloud City 7 T-Shirt – This is How I roll ~ £15
  6. New D&D book for 2021 – The Wild Beyond the Witchlight ~ £40

D&D Campaign Book Ideas

This gift suggestion is only suitable if you know your recipient is playing Dungeon and Dragons 5th Edition (D&D5E Wikipedia). If you don’t know, best ask them before you buy one of these books as a present this Christmas.

I’ve compiled a list of the BEST D&D adventure modules you can buy, if you’re stuck for ideas.

The following books are some of the very best adventure modules available for D&D. They contain captivation campaigns, beautiful maps and epic villains.

Although any of the 5 books pictured above would be fantastic gift ideas, we’ll single out two books.

First off, the epic Gothic 2016 release – Curse of Strahd (Buy Now) (Currently only £27).

Grab it on Amazon now

Wizards of the Coast describe Ghosts of Saltmarsh as follows:

Unravel the mysteries of Ravenloft in this dread adventure for the world’s greatest roleplaying game

Under raging storm clouds, the vampire Count Strahd von Zarovich stands silhouetted against the ancient walls of Castle Ravenloft. Rumbling thunder pounds the castle spires. The wind’s howling increases as he turns his gaze down toward the village of Barovia. A lightning flash rips through the darkness, but Strahd is gone. Only the howling of the wind fills the midnight air. The master of Castle Ravenloft is having guests for dinner—and you are invited.

Wizards of the Coast

New D&D Book for 2021

We couldn’t let Christmas 2021 pass us all by without recommending Wizard’s publication, The Wild Beyond The Witchlight. This adventure, set in the DM’s world of choice, takes players from level 1 to 8, which is quite the journey! It adds two new races, the Feywild and humanoid rabbits – yes you read that right!

DMs and players alike can expect a Fey-focused, magical, kaleidoscope of carnival-colour experience when they get this book.

Grab the The Wild Beyond the Witchlight while stocks last!

Epic tabletop RPG miniature

The majority of D&D gamer’s have and use a vast collection of different miniatures during their epic quests and sprawling campaigns. We’ve written a comprehensive article on the best D&D tabletop miniatures – but below we’ve summarised that into the perfect Christmas present when it comes to miniatures.

Behold – the epic fantasy miniature present this Christmas!

WizKids amazing miniature, the Gargantuan Green Dragon (Buy Now). Designed, in theory, for Pathfinder RPG – there’s literally no reason why it can’t be used on any other fantasy RPG, including Dungeons and Dragons. The receiver will totally love this miniature as a present or gift – no doubt about it.

The above miniature is a great gift this Christmas because its a large mini that doesn’t break the bank (~£25), yet is still perfectly deadly as the campaigns BBEG (Big Bad Evil Guy).

Buy the Dragon Miniatures on Amazon

(Note, it does come unpainted. But this gift also means they get a decent, high-quality miniature to paint too)

Other dragons by WizKids are also highly recommended:

A set of metal RPG dice

Regardless of whether your sibling, child or beloved is into D&D, Pathfinder, Starfinder or other similar Role Playing Game; they will love a set of heavy-duty RPG dice. Which means if you know they play an RPG but not sure which one – metal dice are a great gift for Christmas.

RPG players will always tell you – “you can’t ever have too many dice!”

All metal dice have a great weight to them, are very robust and have a very satisfying sound as they roll too.

Haxtex produce a great affordable metal dice set, ranging in price from £15 up to about £25. Each set contains 1 die of each type (D4 up to D20, including D00).

I received a set of RPG dice back in 2017 and still use them in every game (despite having a tonne more acrylic sets). For as little as £15, these metal RPG dice sets (Buy Now) are a perfect low cost gift.

Buy it on Amazon

One word of warning; metal dice usually have sharp points and non-rounded edges – they can damage wooden tabletops. If you suspect they may be using them on a wooden table, I’d recommend getting a dice tray alongside your gift of metal dice.

Glorious octagonal graphic dice tray

One very luxurious present that your significant other or sibling would also love, is somewhere to roll those dice you’ve just bought. This is even more important if they’ve already been gifted a set of metal dice.

In fact I’d go as far to say that a dice tray is essential if they own metal dice. Otherwise you can say hello to dents and scratches in that wooden table top of yours.

FantasyDice make a very nice 20cm octagonal dice tray; with a selection of beautiful reflective artwork on the top lid.

Their dice tray also sports a very useful raised ‘staging area’ (their words, not mine), where you can store your dice around the edge.

That staging area can hold a full 5 sets of RPG dice, so you’ll have plenty of gift opportunities in the future too!

Buy this dice tray on Amazon

Their dice tray aimed at fantasy RPG fans this Christmas is the red OR blue dragon graphic, either colour can be selected at checkout. For fans of the Cthulhu mysteries, a dark Cthulhu dice tray would be an ideal Christmas present, while there is also a unicorn variant.

RPG clothing ideas this Christmas

Like most hobbies, RPGs (and D&D specifically) have spawned a whole range of geeky, cliquey and down-right cute pieces of clothing.

While your friend may have received every D&D book under the sun or can boast they have a million RPG dice sets – one gift they may not have is a fetching RPG-inspired t-shirt!

Although there are probably thousands of different RPG t-shirts, hoodies, bags and even socks – we’ve decided to suggest getting the “This is how I roll” t-shirt by Cloud City 7.

This perfect D&D top comes in everything from Small to XX-Large, for just £15 too.

Grab some new D&D clothing!

So treat your loved one, friend or DM with some new D&D threads this Christmas.

Still stuck for RPG gift ideas?

Wow okay – sorry none of the above present ideas hit home. Maybe they’ve already got them all? Maybe you’re secretly buying these for yourself…

Either way, some more D&D and RPG gaming gifts can be found at these fab locations:

Etsy have an amazing collection of D&D gift creators. Everything and anything RPG related can be found, hand-made, on Etsy.

D&D earrings – D&D maps – book covers – journals – coasters – pieces of art – hand made terrain…

On Etsy, the list of D&D gifts is almost endless. Logo have a great D&D gifts page.

Good to see they’ve got similar items as we’ve listed here. They also go further and include candles, Dwarven Ale Mugs and more D&D book suggestions.