The Dark and Mysterious Tunnels Beneath Waterdeep: Exploring the Chilling Aquifers

Deep below the bustling streets of Waterdeep lies a hidden world of cool, crystal clear aquifers. Channelled from the distant mountains to the east, these underground waterways run for miles, providing the city with a source of fresh water that keeps the heat of the Anasgi sun at bay.

However, the Royal Watch are very strict in who they allow access to these tunnels. Some say that the shadows down there move and twist in a way that is not natural, binding to the skin of anyone who ventures too far. Those who are so bound are said to evaporate upon returning to the streets above, never to be seen again.

The tunnels run deep under the most prestigious building in Waterdeep – the Palace of Waterdeep, where the lords of the city hold court. And beyond the palace, there are rumors of even more mysterious locations within the depths of the aquifers, including the Temple of the Moon and the Chamber of the Eternal Flame.

It is a place of darkness and horror, where the twisted and malevolent shadows that dwell there are said to reach out and claim the souls of those foolish enough to wander too deep. But for those brave enough to venture into the underworld, the rewards can be great. For in the heart of the aquifers lies a power that has been hidden from the world for centuries – a power that could change the course of history

This City Aquifers map was one of my first postcard sized RPG map doodles I did. This actually turned out a lot better than I was expecting; I love the simple splash of blue colour.

Although I had shown my Twitter follows this map, I hadn’t uploaded any of these postcard D&D maps to my blog. So now’s the time to clear the backlog a bit.

More of my hand-drawn RPG maps can be found here.

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