D&D Map: The City’s Aquifer

Away from the sweltering heat of the Anasgi sun, the aquifers under the Alexandite city square run cool and crystal clear.

They run for miles, from the Doorway of Waters high in the mountains, out into the Kassan desert to the East.

Channelled under the city to preserve it from evaporating, these specific tunnels will lead you right under the Queens Palace.

Some say the shadows down here move and twist before your very eyes.

Some say they bind to intruders skin.

Some say those that are bound, will themselves evaporate when they return to street level.

Needless to say, the Royal Asshan Guard keep the aquifers locked up pretty tight.

This City Aquifers map was one of my first postcard sized RPG map doodles I did. This actually turned out a lot better than I was expecting; I love the simple splash of blue colour.

Although I had shown my Twitter follows this map, I hadn’t uploaded any of these postcard D&D maps to my blog. So now’s the time to clear the backlog a bit.

More of my hand-drawn RPG maps can be found here.

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