WW2 Miniatures Painting Gallery

I love the hobby side of collecting and painting WW2 miniatures. Sadly I get to play Flames of War or Battlegroup a lot less frequently that I would like. Although I love miniature painting, I would say I am by no means a great miniature painter. I’ve painted a variety of sizes, whether it’s the smaller Flames of War 15mm scale, my mid-range Battlegroup scale of 20mm, or the more squad-level large scale at 28mm. You should see a selection of them all combined in the painting gallery below.

I will attempt to add to this miniatures painting gallery as time goes on.

My WW2 miniatures gallery

This painting gallery is specifically for World War 2 miniatures; mostly British, Soviets and a handful of US Marines or Germans.

Check below the gallery for links to my own painting recipes.

I have several articles tagged with my painting recipes if you’re interested.

Specific WW2 miniature painting recipe articles of note are:

Manufacturers of WW2 miniatures

The miniatures I buy are mostly from Plastic Soldier Company, Zvezda or Bolt Action.

I have put together a fairly extensive list of miniature manufacturers for 20mm Soviet’s, however the same model makers are likely to produce Axis and other Allied forces.

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