RPG Map Commissions

Looking for an RPG map for your mid-week game or a sprawling dungeon for your next D&D delve?

Hopefully you’re reading this because you like my maps, so here’s a quick page on my commission prices.

Mini-sketch (A6): £25

Small Page (A5): £45

Full Page (A4): £80

If you’d like to use my maps for commercial use, or have something particularly unusual to request, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Addition of Basic Colour: +20% surcharge

Highly Detailed Map: +50% surcharge

All commissions will include several discussions via email to establish what you’re hoping for, as well as at least one preliminary sketch.

Commissions Closed
Although you can contact me at the following address, unfortunately due to poor health and time constraints I am unable to take on any more commissions until the new year.

Contact: commissions@pauljoyce.co.uk

(All my maps are hand-drawn unique pieces and work will usually require a deposit before work is started)