1500 point Tau army – Any good?

So after recently becoming a Tau convert in the 40K Universe, I’m still struggling to get reliable results from this supposedly ‘weapon-savvy’ and ‘hard-hitting’ race. I’ve probably played 4 games with them now, so not many, but I have noticed the following things: Fire Warriors often get wiped out before they can do anything significant … Read more

Tau Victory on the Plateaus of Ketla’ 5

With a chilling rush of frozen air, the transporter ship doors slid open to reveal a white-out of snow and ice. The Tau XV8 Battlesuits embarked outwards, their night vision sensors peering into the blizzard that engulfed them on all sides. Visual enhancements, laser scanners and thermal mapping arrays built up an overlaid image of … Read more

Dark Vengeance is Dawning

After well over a decade of not playing Warhammer 40K – I have finally relapsed back into its addictive dice rolling ways. I find board games just don’t have the immersion and tactical nature to them that 40K did. Also Xbox and Playstation games lack the ‘collect-ability’ and social aspects. Back further into the world … Read more