Dark Vengeance is Dawning

After well over a decade of not playing Warhammer 40K – I have finally relapsed back into its addictive dice rolling ways. I find board games just don’t have the immersion and tactical nature to them that 40K did. Also Xbox and Playstation games lack the ‘collect-ability’ and social aspects.

Back further into the world of geeks – let the cursing of the dice, struggling awkwardly to check LoS, and hours of painting commence.

A Dark Vengeance Taster Platter

Part of my desire to get back into the 40K universe was ignited by the fact a friend who is well versed in Games Workshop games offered to come round and give me a game.

Chaos VS customised Ultramarines.

As the Ultramarines,  I held out quite well thanks to some great/lucky placement of a Predator, some scouts and a Terminator squad, (even claiming the First Blood victory point), but the inevitable happened and I lost the game after 6 turns, somewhere in the region of 11-7.

But it was good! It was indepth. It was challenging. It was engaging.

I was sold. Time to dust of the credit card and invest.

Races of the 40K Universe

Back in the day, I used to collect the Imperial Guard and Ultramarines, while my brother collected Tyranids, Chaos and Space Marines. Back in the day when  I don’t think Tau, Adepta Sororitas and Dark Elder had even been created yet. Apart from a few squads, 3 tanks and a few specials, my army were fairly limited. This could quite easily correlate to the fact I was in my early teens and my money was about as vast as my patience and amateurish painting skills.

Needless to say, now I’m dabbling back in the dark dice arts, I’ve turned to Ebay to initialize my new collection. Although the races have developed and expanded significantly (as have the rules, hello v6!), I’m a bit at a loss over which units are worth getting early on in a collection etc. This however hasn’t hampered me placing bids left right and center on my 2 favorite race candidates – Cadian of the Imperial Guard and Tau.

Win win win!

My eagerness to start re-collecting has perhaps both been a blessing and a curse when combined with Ebay. I don’t normally Ebay, I should probably specify that now. I spread my bids evenly over some great deals, early bidding and no max bid above 50-60% of the RRP. No one wins by bidding early. Right?

Apparently my strategy wasn’t cautious enough. I am now awaiting the arrival of a far bigger collection than I  had originally thought I’d win.


The list currently winging its way to me from all over the country includes:

  • 34x Cadian guard,
  • 3x Cadian Heavy Weapons platforms
  • 6x Imperial Guard Sentinals (6! haha, ooops)
  • 2x Tau Battlesuits
  • 6x XV15 Tau Stealthsuits
  • 1x XV15 Shas’ui character
  • 22x Tau Firewarriors
  • 25x Pathfinders
  • 1x V6 Dark Vengence Rulebook
  • 1x Necron Codex
  • (Templates, dice, misc books)

My future with 40K

With 2 things left in my Ebay bidding queue, one of which is hopefully a new Tau Codex for only £20, I have a lot of planning to do. Do I go down the Imperial Guard route, they do have a new codex and units coming soon I’ve heard, or do I go down the Tau route?

Or expensively, do I do both?

Only time will tell.

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