RPG Map: Private Chapel & Secret Dock

Father Ouin-ti the 2nd was always seen as a mysterious fellow, but ever since his disappearance things have become… stranger. The most recent has come after cartographers managed to map his chapel.

The Senii Chapel that he was known for giving marathon long private sermons in, has been found to contain a small secret complex behind it. Beside one of the religious statues, in a dusty alcove behind the Father’s lectern, a small passageway could be accessed.

Strangely shaped rooms with ornate vaulted ceilings now lay empty and bare. Stains and circles of dust show that at least some items were here for a very long time. Local witnesses say they saw the Royal Asshan Guard removing items from the chapel, before whisking them away on various carts.

Further into the complex, more statues give way to deeper secretive passages. Finally the complex seems to terminate at a small shingle dock, with moorings and stowage that seems to be frequently used.

Was the Father smuggling items in or out of the city?

Let me know in the comments below what you think Father Ouin-ti was transporting.

People over on Twitter like the mix of water and whitespace, as well as the slightly less-standard RPG structure of rooms and corridors.

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