Starfinder 2019 Campaign Glossary

Starfinder 2019 Campaign Glossary

Below is a glossary of terms for my players of the current 2019 ‘Black Hole’ campaign. Hopefully it’ll be maintained as the campaign continues.

Publicly you may or may not find this post interesting… but welcome to our little part of the world universe.

A big thank you to people who built the very useful, As I’ve mentioned many times on this blog before, coming up with names really stumps me, so this is a fabulous resource that I’ve used for Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder and now Starfinder.

Glossary v1.1

Amari (Location, Planetary System) [Am-Are-E]. One of the 3 Trinity systems that made up the original GRASP systems. Amari Aita, the capital planet, has almost 90% of its surface submerged under raging turquoise oceans. The large cosmopolitan cities are perched high up on mountainous rock formations that distance its wealthy populations from the waters below.

Amano Hoshi Galaxy (Location, Universal Area) [Am-An-Oh Hoe-She]. The 6-armed spiral galaxy where our campaign resides.

The Amano Systems (Location, Universal Area). The known populated expanse of space on one of the spiral arms of the Amano Hoshi galaxy. The known planetary systems are confined to a section of the spiral arm between two seemingly unending fields of asteroids (Nishiwá & Azumima) and astro-anomalies.

Ambis (Location, Planetary System) [Am-Bis]. One of the 3 Trinity systems that made up the original GRASP systems. It’s capital planet, renamed to Ambis Prime, is the most populated of the 3T’s. Almost the whole southern hemisphere of Ambis Prime is glistening with white-metal skyscrapers, flying platforms and glass fronted mega-buildings.

Amcar (Location, Planetary System) [Am-Car]. One of the 3 Trinity systems that made up the original GRASP systems. The capital planet, Amcar Hope, is described as a ‘world of luxury’ for the super rich. Large artificial rain-forests at the equator wrap almost the whole circumfrance of the planet. Amcar houses the majority of the known-universes multiple-trillionaire families.

Azumima (Location, Universal Area). A large hostile area of known space that is filled with asteroids, comets and space-anomalies. Borders what is termed the ‘inner’ border of the Amano systems. Travel into and within the Azumima Belt is fraught with danger. Expeditions to find planetary systems on the ‘other-side’ of the belt have all failed.

Bumblebeelectrics (Company)

Black Hole Trading Company, BHTC (Organisation, Illegal). The guise chosen by the players to operate under while employed by the Dorogan Syndicate.

Colonial Systems (Location, Universal Area). Surrounding the GRASP member systems are the colonial systems. These systems had their planets seeded, terraformed or were initiated (a.ka. Invaded) by GRASP forces. They now ‘tyth’ to the GRASP systems with everything from food and ships, to people and power. The citizens of colonial planets usually either strive and dream of moving to a GRASP planet, or secretly resent the oppressive nature enforced on them their whole lives.

D150E PharmChem (Company).

Dorogan Syndicate (Organisation, Illegal) [Door-Oh-Gone]. A crime syndicate that operates within PHM-9, which the players are apart of. Previously employed under the Ysoki that used the name, Patchwork.

Eminence Financial Holdings (Company)

Furmeric Plasma Metals (Company)

Goh (Alias, Person) [Go]. A tall blue-scaled Vesk that runs the ‘Phuna Hoshi Ship Breakers’ on Phorxs Gemini. Usually dressed in a utilitarian and well worn brown jump suit, with multiple toolbelts and tools attached to his person. Has a double crown of white short horns on his head, with 2 lines of yellow scales that run over his skull. A large 6″ fleshy-white scar runs down the left side of his head, with most of that ear missing.

Gotsuen (Location, City) [Got-Sue-En]. Once a thriving city focused on rare-metal extraction and heavy industrial manufacturing plants. The city has seen a significant downturn as local ore mines have fallen under new ownership and diverted their materials elsewhere.

Gravity Zénith (Company)

Greater Republic of System Planets, GRASP (Organisation, Universal). Central to the Amano system is the super-government, the Greater Republic of System Planets, called GRASP. Originally formed of the 3 ‘Trinity’ systems: Ambis, Amcar and Amari, GRASP currently stands with 7 member systems and over 20 inhabitable planets / moons. GRASP society broadcasts a message of utopia; gleaming skyscrapers of glass and white shining metals, the populous living in perfect health, complete unity and relaxing in an environment of sprawling parks with crystal clear seas.

Hailey ‘Harlequin’ Bluestone (Person). A wealthy politician that governs over Gotsuen. Remarkable career and progression in the political sphere, despite her family coming from the poor areas of the city. Known for her ability to pass bills that crush the majority and raise up the minority.

Hanying (Family Name) [Han-Ying]. Wealthy family that made most of its wealth selling reverse engineered components for commercial starships.

Jjemet (Person, Alias) [Jser-met]. The new handler for the Black Hole Trading Company team. 5.5′ female human; often dressed in military attire.

Jjemet’s Shadows (Organisation, Illegal). A discreet group of corrupt, poor, blackmailed or otherwise on-the-books people known to JJemet. The shadows can often be accessed for intel on upcoming jobs, for a price.

Jitter (Item, Drug). A new translucent blue semi-solid gel that heightens the takers senses and emotions. Recently a large wave of Jitter has appeared on the streets of Kajima, significantly impacting the Syndicate’s sales of Kevell.

Kajima (Location, City) [Kaj-E-Mah]. A large industrial city on Phorx Gemini. Historic building place of industrial starships (notably; the Roni Heavy II and the Yukon Five classes) and commercial shutting vessels.

Kevell (Item, Drug). A small brown pebble shaped party-drug. Delivers a sense of euphoria and high energy levels. Popular in the poorer areas of PHM-9, although police have seen a recent spike in wealthier users. Mildly addictive and has side effects of: paranoia, violence and memory loss.

La Force Spectrale (Religious Organisation). A rather mysterious and somewhat militarized religious group. Seems to only exist on PHM-9 and although its existing is known, its services and members meet behind locked doors.

Obsidian Depths Corporation (Company)

Station Arcadis (Location, Space Station) [Arcade-Is]. A small-mid sized trading space station within the FHM-9 system. A large and mixed population on board is the cause for a cramped and varied life-style on board. Petty-crime largely goes unreported and small skirmishes frequently breakout amongst its inhabitants.

Sall Sky Industries (Company)

Seamframite Asteroid Mining Corp, SAMC (Company). A large mining corporation that specialise in mining asteroids and planetary bodies within the Drift. Also an emerging reliable supplier and developer of weaponary.

Maksimović (Family Name)

Maksimović Mining Conglomerate (Company, Universal). Mega-corporation that operate deep-space mining operations into the Nishiwá Asteroid Belt. Large quantities of exotic minerals and compounds routinely get returned by their semi-autonomous ships.

Murai Sanzo (Organisation, Illegal) [Mur-Ray San-Zoo]. One of the two other known teams that operated under Patchwork, favouring melee combat, covert and assassination style jobs.

Nishiwá Belt (Location, Universal Area). A large hostile area of known space that is filled with asteroids, comets and space anomolies. Borders what is termed the ‘outer’ border of the Amano systems. Travel into and within the Nishiwá Belt is fraught with danger. Expeditions to find planetary systems on the ‘other-side’ of the belt have all failed.

North Star Tech (Company).

Omega Ernest (Vehicle, Starship). A mid sized commercial mining and salvage ship, owned by the Maksimović Mining Conglomerate.

Patriot 5 (Organisation, Illegal). One of the Dorogan teams that largely operated in Gotsuen before Patchwork’s disappearance. Consists of 5 androids and specialising in infiltration and computer espionage jobs.

PHM-9 (Location, Planetary System) [Fim-9]. An 8 planet, single-star Rim World system. Due to it’s distance and lack of perceived prospects and resources, no attempt by GRASP has been made to acquire the system. The three inhabited planets are Phlax 3, Pherax and Phorx Gemini. Station Arcadis is one of the many space-stations that dot the near-space of PHM-9.

Phuna Hoshi Ship Breakers (Location) [Fo-nah Hosh-E]. A sprawling maze of derelict, salvaged and somehow ‘acquired’ pieces of shuttles and starships. Everything can be found at the ship breakers, from entire starship frames down to individual cockpit windows and console buttons. Currently under the management of Goh.

Patchwork (Person, Alias). A short, brown Ysoki. Well dressed and usually well-mannered. Ran the Dorogan operation in Northern Gotsuen. Was the handler for the team and gave them several jobs within the criminal organisation.

Phorx Gemini (Location, Planet) [Forks Gem-En-Eye]. One of the three inhabited worlds of the PHM-9 system. Notable cities known to the players include Gotsuen and Kajima.

The Prism (Location, Space Station). The centre of GRASP government that sits roughly equidistant between the 3 Trinity systems, Amari, Ambis, and Amcar. The Prism seats the Senate, made up of 3 senators from every member system. Currently the republic of planetary systems is governed by 21 senators.

Rim World Systems (Location, Universal Area) [Ruse]. The outskirts of the Amano system contain the RWS (pronounced RUSE) systems. These are made up of failed terraformed projects, systems that have rebelled, systems that have always refused to bow down to GRASP, or systems yet to be ‘initiated’. People of Rim World Systems see themselves as free and are most likely to conflict with the GRASP entity if their paths cross.

Trustcorp Banking Incorporated (Company)

Tatakoi (Phrase) [Tat-A-Koi]. A go-code / secret phrase used by Patchwork to inform his teams to go dark, return to their safe-houses and assume that either Patchwork or the Dorogan organisation has been compromised. Once heard by a member of the BHTC team, shortly before news that Patchwork had been captured.

Universal Delivery Network, UDN (Organisation, Universal, Lawful). A one-stop-shop that can deliver your products anywhere in the Amano Hoshi galaxy, for the right fee. The UDN logo is a common sight often seen on bots, starships, shuttles, androids and even some whole space-stations.

Void Cobra (Organisation, Illegal). A ruthless and thuggish street-force that controls many areas of the Gotsuen city. Must of their income is derived from the sales of drugs and illegal imported or modified weaponry. Their preferred method is brawn over brains.

Yotol (Alias, Person) [Yot-All]. A figure who’s is largely unknown. Met a few times with the PCs in their past, giving them a simple job transporting products. Human female in her 30s, well spoken, dressed in a black suit and rarely travelled without her android bodyguard / servant.

Glossary Updates

2019-06-13 – Update v1.1 – Jjemet, Jjemet’s Shadows, Jitter and Phuna Hoshi Ship Breakers added to the glossary.

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