Painting Challenge 2019

It turns out I need a new project.

It also turns out I have almost 800 miniatures, mostly unpainted, from 28mm Games Workshop and Mantic models, down to 15mm Flames of War. There’s a handful of D&D characters, Necromunda and Bloodbowls miniature too.

Naturally I want to now get some 20mm WWII miniatures, for use in Battlegroup with a friend.

However, as rare as it is for a war-gamer to admit, I need to:

  • Make room for new miniatures,
  • Paint some existing miniatures,
  • Practice more painting,

So first things first, I need to work out how large the backlog is.

Currently I’ve thrown the majority of these miniatures into a spreadhseet, that way I can prioritse and see what I have to work on.

I need to split them out further, but at the moment it stands at

15mm Miniatures

284 models, mostly WWII minis, a significant percentage of which are tanks.

28mm Miniatures

291 models; a heavy mix of tanks and other large vehicles.

Not included however, are

  • Approximately 100-200 Imperial Guard / Astra Militarum,
  • Approximately 50 Necrons,
  • Approximately 50 Tau

Painting Challenge

So the challenge I’m imposing on myself, is to battle on and actually paint some minis!

I’m hoping to post photos of new painted pieces as I go.

Stay tuned and visit the challenge gallery 🙂

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