Painting Challenge: Tyranids and Ankhegs

Recently I posted about the backlog of miniatures I want to make a dent in.

Well, high on the spreadsheet are a bunch of Games Workshop Tyranid models that I had bought off Ebay.

I purchased them second hand and was going to throw them at my players in a D&D game.

Well I’ve just bought some of GWs new Contrast paints and wanted to try them out. I thought the organic surfaces of the Tyranids would work well.

So here they are, the first completed miniatures from my 2019 painting backlog.

Tyranid Painting Recipe

  • Base Coat – Non-specific white spray paint,
  • Green flesh – Contrast Militarum Green ,
  • Blue Carapace Armour – Contrast Talassar Blue,
  • Claws – Ushabi Bone, then coated with Contrast Darkoath Flesh,
  • Tongues – Contrast Darkoath Flesh

After posting these pics of my Tyranids on Twitter, @harryaccused suggested using them as Ankhegs in Dungeons and Dragons. Perfect!

Nine miniatures done, that’s probably more than the last several years!

So, off to a good start with my painting challenge.

Next, maybe the Necromunda sprues (about 8 figures), a handful of Grey Knights or the final few stages of some WWII German Infantry from Bolt Action.

Stay tuned for more painting and less grey on the battlefields 🙂

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