Painting Challenge: Tyranids and Ankhegs

Painting Challenge: Tyranids and Ankhegs

Recently I posted about the backlog of miniatures I want to make a dent in.

Well, high on the spreadsheet are a bunch of Games Workshop Tyranid models that I had bought off Ebay.

I purchased them second hand and was going to throw them at my players in a D&D game.

Well I’ve just bought some of GWs new Contrast paints and wanted to try them out. I thought the organic surfaces of the Tyranids would work well.

So here they are, the first completed miniatures from my 2019 painting backlog.

After posting these pics of my Tyranids on Twitter, @harryaccused suggested using them as Ankhegs in Dungeons and Dragons. Perfect!

Nine miniatures done, that’s probably more than the last several years!

So, off to a good start with my painting challenge.

Next, maybe the Necromunda sprues (about 8 figures), a handful of Grey Knights or the final few stages of some WWII German Infantry from Bolt Action.

Stay tuned for more painting and less grey on the battlefields 🙂

Tyranid Painting Recipe

  • Base Coat – Non-specific white spray paint,
  • Green flesh – Contrast Militarum Green ,
  • Blue Carapace Armour – Contrast Talassar Blue,
  • Claws – Ushabi Bone, then coated with Contrast Darkoath Flesh,
  • Tongues – Contrast Darkoath Flesh

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