Painting Challenge: WW2 German Infantry

Painting Challenge: WW2 German Infantry

These were an easy win on my spreadsheet of figures to paint.

A handful of WW2 Germany infantry that only needed a little wash thrown over them before I could call them complete.

7x German infantry ‘washed’ and then 2 NPC miniatures painted completely.

I should have done a bit of work on the infantrymen’s webbing (?) and pouches, but the whole point of this challenge is to get these models done and dusted.

So with some Games Workshop Nuln Oil thrown over their uniforms, I’m calling them complete.

Unfortunately I can’t remember the recipe I used… which could cause issues when I come to do the other billion I have (actually about 30).

Slowly making some painting progress.

That brings the painting tally so far to 19x 28mm models.

Stay tuned for more average painting and worse-than-average camera snaps 🙂

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