DIY 40K war propaganda posters for scenery!

For a while now I’ve had a few homemade ruined 40k buildings to litter the battle field, mostly designed to either block line of sight, or to give a vertical aspect of the game. Both of which were needed during the recent campaign of death that my Astra Militarum boys faced against the Orks. However what I discovered was the need for some homemade, DIY, war propaganda posters!

The buildings fit perfectly into the apocalyptic battlefield but they do bring large swathes of greyness to the table. That combined with the fact two of my armies are grey (Necrons and Grey Knights), I decided to add a bit of colour with some tiny war propaganda posters.

War Propaganda Posters for Warhammer 40k

This is the problem I faced, large settlement and industrial pieces that were void of detail and variance .


Homemade 40k War Propaganda Posters

However a quick Google search for “40K propaganda posters“, and variants thereof, combined with a few minutes in Photoshop I came up with a printed sheet of tiny pro-war pictures.

For the smaller pictures I think I searched for various movie posters in Japanese, selecting the lesser known designs.

Real-life WWII propaganda posters are rather gorgeous in their design and style. Take a look at them for your own inspiration.

Please note I don’t take credit for these images, they’re 99% the work of others.

Ooooo tiny 40k propaganda posters
Ooooo tiny 40k propaganda posters to spread the Imperial word

I had several sheets of full A4 printable labels laying about.

I printed on them and then hit the sheets with a blast of sealant.

After it was dried I applied them individual to the buildings and covered the corners with a few dabs of superglue. To get a bit of roughness and to age the images, I hacked at them for a bit with the back of my knife.

This roughing up worked well as I then splashed some washes on the images. The wash got into the new crevasses and generally weathered the pictures.

Now my ruins have a bit of war-torn colour added to them. Not bad for an evenings work in front of the box too.

The final homemade propaganda posters

I’m pretty impressed with how they turned out, such small pieces of detail but they add so much to the whole piece.

Yeah the pieces of terrain were knocked up in 5 minutes and really aren’t going to win any awards, but I’m definitely suggesting people add tiny things like war propaganda posters to their own models.

Keep an eye out for them in coming battle reports.

They'll stick these propaganda posters anywhere in the 40k universe.
They’ll stick these propaganda posters anywhere in the 40k universe.
War propaganda posters on corner piece of terrain
This corner piece probably could have had a bit of damage to its leading edge. The posters still enhance it considerably.
This man's your friend - Imperial War Posters
“This man’s your friend” – Imperial War Posters
3 war propaganda posters beside the entrance to a shelter of sorts
3 war propaganda posters beside the entrance to a shelter of sorts
Multiple propaganda posters beneath a balcony of windows
Multiple propaganda posters beneath a balcony of windows

What do you think?

Let me know what you think of these little propaganda posters.

Have you made some yourself? Maybe for other Warhammer 40k races – Orks or maybe even Tau?

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