The Klaws of Treta: Orks vs Astra Militarum (Pt2)

Tonight we continued the second half of our Treta mission. The Orks had pressed quickly and firmly into the city boundaries of Treta, forcing the Cadian Militarum deeper into their defences. Last time we finished as the Chimera’s arrived, the Gorkanaut exploded and the Ork bomber was causing serious carnage.

The mission continues with turn 4…

The Orks immediately stepped up their game with their airborne unit dropping a precision bomb straight between the Chimera and Manticore, penetrating both of their armour and stunning both crews. The pintel mounted bolter, grasped by the tank commander only seconds earlier, was ripped off its mounting by the shock wave.

This was followed by a daring charge from the nearby Boyz, whom had just rallied from the previous torrent flamers psychological torment. With several slashes and punches, the Nob boss used his power klaws to access and destroy the Manticores power plant. As the crew attempted to clamber out of the darkness of the hull, the only thing they found was their own demise at the clutches of the klaws.

The Hellhound, immobilised and stunned from earlier, fared no better. From the nearby copse of trees, two killa kans lumbered towards the ‘hounds vulnerable rear armour. Despite deflecting a shot from the looted wagon, the vehicle was torn in half at the mercy of the killa kans close quarters weapons. The crew went down with the vehicle as the flammable fuel for the weapons ignited before they could escape.

Hellhound being butchered by charging Killa Kans
Hellhound being butchered by charging Killa Kans

In the centre of the table the Gretchen had finally made it to the refinery roof and immediately began pouring down shots onto the Ratlings. Even from their elevated position, the Ratlings had little room to shelter from this new threat and lost 2 more camo-clad men.

Over on the right a distinct and rather unplanned crack of energy erupted as the shokk attack gun fired a devastating shot at the lascannon crew. The crew’s fortified position gave no protection from the death a twisting vortex blast brought. They were torn atom from atom within a millisecond of the Ork squeezing the trigger, never knowing what hit them.

Vortex explosion caused by Ork Shokk Attack Gun
Vortex explosion caused by Ork Shokk Attack Gun

The crew of the Leman Russ below them caught the edge of the vortex, severing key systems within the vehicle and disorientating the experienced team within. Before they could take evasive manoeuvres against the swirling powers of the vortex, two power klaws pierced the side of the hull and detonated the remaining ammo stored in the hull. The owners of those klaws, 2 gigantic Ork Boyz in ‘eavy armour, now held objective 1.

The Cadian’s attempted a retaliation, but licking their wounds they found themselves 3 tanks down in a single turn. A further 4th tank was severely damaged and already had a weapon damaged.

Knowing they could not stop the tide of green, the force separated into a left and right ‘last-stand’ position.

On the right, led by the Commissioner, the Command Squad and a full infantry squad moved in to sweep the Ork Boyz off objective 1. A blast from a heavy flamer and the Commissioner’s plasma pistol did little to deter the 2 Orks. Thankfully by sheer weight of numbers, a full infantry squad firing at rapid fire managed to knock of a single wound from the front-most Ork, despite requiring an awkward shot through a distant window.

The Chimera on the right fired at the Warboss, missing him and his whole squad woefully.

Alone and surrounded, the remaining Ratling made a desperate attempt to vanquish the shokk attack gunner. Trembling with the sight of savage green-skins all around him, his long range shot missed.

Back over on the left, the Chimera fired desperately at the power klaw clad Ork Boy squad. Although only one of them had klaws, he was surrounded by a significant green shield. 2 infantry squads also joined the fire fight, slaying all but 2 of the Orks. As they fled back towards objective 5 and the safety of their other kind, the Cadian’s were distraught to see the Boy with the power klaws was one of the survivors.

Chimera and Manticore at the Mercy of the Ork Power Klaw
Chimera and Manticore at the Mercy of the Ork Power Klaw

Knowing their time was likely coming to its end, the rallied mortar squad fired desperately from their exposed position. Targeting the shokk attack gunner, their indirect fire caused only one hit. However the Ork seemingly just shrugged off the anti-personnel round and continued his tyranny of fire.

Seemingly before it had even started, the Militarum turn was over. So few of the loyal Cadian’s remained amongst the ruins. Would it be enough though.

In the middle of the table; alerted by the sound overhead the Warboss and his squad moved around objective 3 so they had line of sight on the remaining Ratling. At this range they made short work of his cover and the lifeless body of the last Ratling crumpled to the dusty ruin’s floor.

The 2 remaining Ork Boyz, whom had only just fled, now rallied and charged right back at the Chimera. Cheered up by the Ork Boyz on objective 5.

The Killa Kanz stomped through the forest and targeted the Cadian infantry positioned on the first floor of the nearby building. Despite the tight angle and cover the building offered, several more Cadian’s fell where they stood as kustom mega blasters reduced the building to little more than ruins.

Reaching the front armour of the Chimera, the Ork with the power klaw pounded and tore at the metal skin. Quickly finding an exhaust port he slammed his klaw inside, detonating the multi-laser transformer array within. The resulting explosion not only entirely destroyed the Chimera, but also obliterated both Orks and over half the nearby infantry squad nearby.

The Blitz Bomma banked sharply,  preventing it leaving the theatre of war; its new heading taking it back towards the Ork deployment area within the forest. Thankfully for the Cadian this meant it was likely out of the way for the remainder of the game. A very thin silver lining indeed.

On the outskirts of the forest, the Shokk Attack gunner finally had to move to a new firing position. This thankfully stopped him from firing for a turn. On top of this, the vortex continued to spin and tear at the landscape but moved further away from objective 1 and the Cadian HQ.

On the right hand side of the table, the two Boyz in ‘eavy armour now fired two skorchas upon the Commissioner squad. Sensing a hit on the Commissioner himself, the heavy flamer veteran gave his life to protect the leader. Nearby, the veteran medic managed to absorb the remaining hits, quickly and effectively patching himself up after 3 wounds.

Singed by the skorchas, the medic recovers from 3 wounds
Singed by the skorchas, the medic recovers from 3 wounds

The Orks then charged the 2 remaining members of the HQ. Overwatch delt out a wound as one of the Orks caught a plasma shot to the torso, but they managed their short charge distance. After a whirring of klaws and Cadian close quarters weapons, one Ork has fallen as well as the medic.

Dangerously low on options, the Cadians then sprung into action (albeit not much!).

A squad of nearby infantry left objective 2 and headed to the Commissioner’s aid. They had to protect the Commissioner but also clear objective 1 of the Orks. It was an all or nothing charge.

Fearing another possible vortex shot, the Chimera at objective 2 moved into cover of the ruins and lined up all its weapons upon the green-skin. They fired will all of their might but couldn’t land any pain.

At objective 4 the Cadian infantry, now totalling only 8 men amongst both squads, poured fired on the advancing Ork Warboss and his Nobs. A single wound was made but that didnt even kill off the Nob.

The mortars, now actioning the ‘danger close’ protocol, fired upon the Warboss. Scoring 2 more wounds and slaying a single Nob in the process.

Back over at the Commissioner, close combat started. Thankfully the Cadian acted first. The Commissioner acted first, however his plasma pistol casing had been comprimised blocking an earlier blow. When he squeezed the trigger the entire device exploded in plasma, taking the commissioner with it. Filled with rage, the Cadian infantry piled in and surprisingly dispatched the final Ork at objective 1.


After only a few minutes the turn was up. The entire remaining Cadian force had only managed to kill 2 Orks their whole turn. On top of that their Commissioner had died from a self inflicted Gets Hot wound. Grrr.

Would there even be any Militarum left for their final turn?!

The Orks made their final push onto objective 4, the only one they could hope in taking on their final turn.

The Killa Kans made a beeline for the remaining pockets of infantry, while the Warboss Nobs detached from their leader and headed straight for objective 4. They’d have to run for it, but they might just make it.

A full squad of Orks from objective 5 fired at the Militarum infantry from their flank. Joined in by a truck that had largely been quiet after turn 1. The Cadian’s started dropping. All we needed was one man to remain and objective 4 would be contested and the Ork’s couldn’t claim it.

The looted wagon, unable to see the contesting infantry, fired wildly onto the mortar teams. A painful direct hit removed both mortar teams from the table in an instant. It was looking like the Militarum wouldn’t end up having anyone on the left hand side of the table

The Killa Kans now moved up within charging range of the contesting infantry. They fired their deadly kustom mega blasters and removed the entire squad! Combined with a good charge from the Nob Boys meant objective 4 fell into the Ork hands on their very large turn.

Deadly last minute run from the Orks meant stealing objective 4 from the hands of the Militarum

To make matters worse (if it could be), the remaining 2 infantry men hidden behind cover failed their moral check. They fled from the Orks, but apparently not with much haste. They were 4 inches away from the edge of the table but managed to run only 3! Meaning the Militarum would still have someone alive on the left hand side of the table.

Immediately the fleeing infantry boys rallied, they fired both of their lasguns to their full potential but it was a fruitless effort. They needed to kill the front-runner in the nearby Ork squad to relinquish the objective, but the odds were rightfully stacked against them.

The Chimera on the right was also too far away to intervene or even get a shot on to objective 4. They fired onto the far Orks in rage, racking up a few pointless causalities.

The infantry squad, whom had just seen their commissioner explode beside them, marched on to hunker down on objective 1, unkowing of the chaos that had occured on the left hand flank.

The Cadian fight was over.

And so the game ended with the Cadians only holding objective 1 while the Orks held objectives 3, 4 and 5. A minor victory for the Orks. The Militarum took approximately 85% causalities and were close to being swept off of Treta’s streets altogether. The green-skins took only 50% causalities, with several vehicles and the Warboss still alive.

Therefore the Orks push further into the city and towards victory over the Militarum in Treta.

The Ork battlefield, as it finished. A victory for the Orks


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