D&D Map: The City’s Sewers

Deep under Alexandite’s feasting halls, her shops selling golden titbits and the elaborate drinking establishments… you’ll find the Okhohli – children of the sewer-streets.

While the streets above may be cobbled and swept, down below you must be careful where you tread. Falling into the “city’s veins” is usually the last thing anyone does around here.

They say if the humidity doesn’t drive you mad, the stench of the waste will.

Despite all this, impoverished adolescent children flock to the tunnels to escape the law-men and corrupt noblemen above, neither of whom have good intentions on their heart.

The Okhohli know that once learnt, the network of Alexandite’s ‘veins’ can take you anywhere, given time, endurance and a strong constitution.

The shallower and narrower streams of sewage can be crossed by a swift brave jump. Needless to say the wider channels can’t be jumped, but some have bridges spanning the leap.

A few entrepreneurial youngsters who can brave long periods of time down here often setup tolls to control some of the busier crossings.

Strange markings inscribed into the walls of muck often denote what is happening above.

A circle with two diagonal lines running through it is said to mean a maid or servant above will sometimes dispose of the occasional piece of silverware or jewellery through these conduits. Whether you have the stomach or patience to wait however… that’s another thing all together.

Although I completed this little postcard sized D&D map a few months ago, I’m only just getting round to uploading them to this blog.

I’m rather fond of this RPG map as I think the colour really pops and I like the difference in brickwork.

I ran a short poll over on my twitter feed for what colour sewer water should be on this map – I think they made a great choice! Thanks guys.

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