Exploring the Unseen Maze: Mapping Baldur’s Gate’s Sewer System

Deep under the feasting halls and bustling streets of Baldur’s Gate, lies a world unknown to most of its citizens – the Okhohli, the children of the sewer-streets. While the cobbled streets above may be swept and adorned with gold, down below is a world of danger and filth.

The humidity and stench of the waste are a constant reminder of the harsh conditions that the Okhohli must endure. But for many of the impoverished adolescent children, the sewers offer a chance to escape the law-men and corrupt noblemen above. Here, they can hide from those who would do them harm and find a sense of community in the dark, damp tunnels.

The Okhohli know the network of Baldur’s Gate’s “veins” like the back of their hand, and can navigate their way through the tunnels with ease. The shallower streams of sewage can be crossed by a swift, brave jump, while the wider channels are spanned by makeshift bridges. Some of the more entrepreneurial children even set up tolls to control the busier crossings.

One of the most fascinating aspects of life in the sewers is the strange markings inscribed into the walls of muck. These symbols denote what is happening above and can be interpreted by those who know their meaning. A circle with two diagonal lines running through it, for example, is said to indicate that a maid or servant above will occasionally dispose of silverware or jewelry through the conduits. For those brave enough to wait and search, these treasures can provide a valuable source of income.

Rumors of a goblin gang operating in the sewers have been circulating for some time, and the Okhohli are constantly on the lookout for signs of their presence. The goblin gang is said to be violent and unpredictable, and many of the children are afraid of what might happen if they cross their path.

Despite the dangers and hardships, life in the sewers provides the Okhohli with a sense of freedom and independence. The network of tunnels and the knowledge of their secrets is their own, and they take pride in their ability to survive in such difficult conditions. They are a hidden society, living in the shadows and away from the eyes of the city above. But for those who dare to venture into the sewers, the Okhohli and their world are waiting to be discovered.

Although I completed this little postcard sized D&D map a few months ago, I’m only just getting round to uploading them to this blog.

I’m rather fond of this RPG map as I think the colour really pops and I like the difference in brickwork.

I ran a short poll over on my twitter feed for what colour sewer water should be on this map – I think they made a great choice! Thanks guys.

If you liked this hand-drawn RPG map I’ve done, feel free to checkout these other hand-drawn maps of mine.

Digital Map – Update for 2023

So I’ve redrawn this map using my graphics tablet, so the whole map is purely digital now. It is a rework of the traditional pen and paper map I drew, and matches it very closely.

Although it is somewhat hard to see in the above photo (of the printed out digital version), it has additional shading and shadows, as well as a few tiny details.

Lava Flows in an Alternative City

I’ve now produced an alternative version of this map, depicting the lava filled tunnels underneath the city of Neverwinter.

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