Neverwinter Lava Tunnel Map

Underneath the city of Neverwinter, a subterranean labyrinth of tunnels and passageways unfolds, transformed by the cataclysmic eruption of Mount Hotenow. What was once the serene course of the Neverwinter River has now given way to a network of fiery channels, where molten lava surges through the subterranean depths.

The tunnels, once quiet and mysterious, now echo with the ominous sounds of bubbling magma and the distant rumble of the city above.

Streets above the tunnels now vent toxic gas that make the inhabitants sick and desperate to leave.

Some of these tunnels have succumbed entirely to the destructive force of the lava, becoming perilous rivers of liquid fire that flow relentlessly through the underworld. The walls are scorched and blackened, their former surfaces now hardened remnants of the cataclysm. Crossing these lava torrents requires a daring soul, as the intense heat emanating from the molten streams could easily consume anything in its path.

Yet, amidst the danger, there are still precarious passageways that intrepid adventurers may navigate. Makeshift bridges span the bubbling rivers of lava, constructed from salvaged materials and enchanted stones that resist the searing temperatures. These bridges serve as lifelines for those brave enough to traverse the fiery depths, offering a perilous route through the heart of the transformed tunnels.

The air in these subterranean passages is thick with heat and the acrid scent of burning rock. Glowing fissures in the walls release waves of warmth, casting an eerie illumination on the rugged terrain. Shadows dance along the edges of the tunnels, creating an otherworldly atmosphere that reflects the drastic metamorphosis brought about by the cataclysm. Navigating this subterranean landscape requires both skill and resilience, as adventurers face not only the physical challenges of the terrain but also the haunting echoes of a city forever altered by the forces that reshaped its foundations.

I hope you like this map. It is a simple reworking of my Baulder’s Gate Sewers map after I digitalised it recently.

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