D&D Map: Exploring the Enigma Pyramid in the Kassan Desert

As you head out of Alexandite’s Eastern gatehouse, the Kassan region of The Desert of Desolation begins to stretch out before you for what looks like eternity. The white washed buildings with their fabric awnings give way to sun baked yellow sands. Dune after dune, fills your vision. Separating the yellow from the cloudless blue. The sun beats down, and the occasional wisp of wind blows sand from the dune peaks. The occasional cactus and kubhaka vine hint at the tiny presence of life here.

Yet, it’s said that 200 miles due-East from the gatehouse, you’ll come across a pyramid of stone. Standing tall and alone, the site has been the subject of numerous rumors and legends. Some say that it was built by an ancient civilization, others believe it to be a remnant of the Old Ones. The only thing that’s certain is that no one has been able to unlock its secrets.

A “street” of obelisks guides you into the wonderful shade of the pyramid’s entrance. The thick wooden doors, warped and dried by centuries of continual draught, creak as you push them open. The air inside is cool and musty, and the sound of your footsteps echoes through the dimly lit halls. You can feel the weight of the centuries pressing down on you as you move deeper into the structure.

Maybe it would have been safer to have accepted one of those adventures from a tavern

At the heart of the pyramid lies a chamber filled with clay pots that line the walls. The pots are intricately decorated with mysterious symbols and patterns, hinting at the ancient civilization that once inhabited this place. As you gaze upon the pots, you can’t help but wonder what their purpose was and what secrets they hold.

A staircase spirals upward, leading to the top of the pyramid. The steps are worn and slippery, and the sound of your footsteps echoes in the stillness. You can sense that you’re getting closer to the truth, to the secrets that have been hidden away for centuries.

The top of the pyramid is a large room with a flat roof, open to the sky. The walls are adorned with frescoes depicting scenes from a long-lost era. The room is dominated by a large stone pedestal, upon which rests a golden sarcophagus. It’s said that the sarcophagus holds the remains of a long-lost prince from Neverwinter, and that whoever finds his remains will inherit his vast fortune.

It’s also whispered that an old guild of explorers from Baldur’s Gate had discovered the pyramid and the sarcophagus many years ago. The guild members had all disappeared, and no one knows what happened to them. Some say that they were lost in the desert, others claim that they found something in the pyramid that drove them mad.

As you stand in the chamber, you can’t help but feel the pull of the mystery and intrigue surrounding the pyramid. What lies hidden within the sarcophagus? What secrets will it reveal? The thought of uncovering the truth is tempting, but the unknown dangers that lurk within the pyramid are equally daunting.

Will you be brave enough to continue your quest and unlock the secrets of the pyramid? The choice is yours, adventurer. But be warned, for once you enter the pyramid, there may be no turning back.

A relatively simple postcard map drawn by myself, but one I quite like due to the simple geometry and white-space it has.

People over on Twitter seemed to like it and I think the lines of obelisks really help make it stand out from my normal hand-drawn RPG maps.

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