D&D Map: The Desert Temple

As you head out of Alexandite’s Eastern gatehouse, the Kassan desert begins to stretch out before you for what looks like eternity.

The white washed buildings with their fabric awnings give way to sun baked yellow sands.

Dune after dune, fills your vision. Separating the yellow from the cloudless blue.

The sun beats down.

The occasional wisp of wind blows sand from the dune peaks. The occasional cactus and kubhaka vine hint at the tiny presence of life here.

Yet some say, 200 miles due-East from the gatehouse, you’ll come across a pyramid of stone. Standing tall and alone.

A ‘street’ of obelisk guide you into the wonderful shade.

The thick wooden doors, warped and dried by centuries of continual draught.

What lies deeper inside? Surely the prospect of getting out of the sun is very tempting…

What’s the purpose of all the clay pots that line the walls?

Where do those stairs lead…?

A relatively simple postcard map drawn by myself, but one I quite like due to the simple geometry and white-space it has.

People over on Twitter seemed to like it and I think the lines of obelisks really help make it stand out from my normal hand-drawn RPG maps.

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