Neverwinter Lava Tunnel Map

Underneath the city of Neverwinter, a subterranean labyrinth of tunnels and passageways unfolds, transformed by the cataclysmic eruption of Mount Hotenow. What was once the serene course of the Neverwinter River has now given way to a network of fiery channels, where molten lava surges through the subterranean depths. The tunnels, once quiet and mysterious, … Read more

Mysteries of the Anauroch Desert: Uncovering the Secrets of the Canyon Bridge

In the heart of the Anauroch desert, the scorching sands stretch as far as the eye can see. But amidst the vast dunes lies a hidden gem, a mysterious canyon filled with towering rock pillars and a small room cut into the cliffs. The canyon is split in half by a deep, dark crevasse, spanned … Read more

The Mysterious D&D Map: Discovering the Secrets Behind Father Ouin-ti’s Senii Chapel

Secret Dock for the City's Father RPG Map DND

The mysterious disappearance of Father Ouin-ti the 2nd has sparked many rumors and whispers amongst the townspeople of Asshan. Many have claimed to have seen strange lights shining from the Senii Chapel late at night, while others have reported eerie chanting coming from the building. Despite these strange occurrences, the town guard has shown little … Read more

D&D Map: Exploring the Enigma Pyramid in the Kassan Desert

The lower level of a pyramid. Drawn by hand. Used for D&D or Fantasy RPGs

As you head out of Alexandite’s Eastern gatehouse, the Kassan region of The Desert of Desolation begins to stretch out before you for what looks like eternity. The white washed buildings with their fabric awnings give way to sun baked yellow sands. Dune after dune, fills your vision. Separating the yellow from the cloudless blue. … Read more

Exploring the Unseen Maze: Mapping Baldur’s Gate’s Sewer System

Deep under the feasting halls and bustling streets of Baldur’s Gate, lies a world unknown to most of its citizens – the Okhohli, the children of the sewer-streets. While the cobbled streets above may be swept and adorned with gold, down below is a world of danger and filth. The humidity and stench of the … Read more

The Dark and Mysterious Tunnels Beneath Waterdeep: Exploring the Chilling Aquifers

A hand-drawn RPG DnD map of City Aquifers

Deep below the bustling streets of Waterdeep lies a hidden world of cool, crystal clear aquifers. Channelled from the distant mountains to the east, these underground waterways run for miles, providing the city with a source of fresh water that keeps the heat of the Anasgi sun at bay. However, the Royal Watch are very … Read more

2019 World Building Competition

At the start of the year I was pleasantly surprised that my fantasy RPG Twitter account, @PSJMaps had reached 500 followers. People were enjoying my hand-drawn fantasy maps and my general RPG ramblings I was posting. TL>DR: Jump down and read how to enter. The competition is now closed. Two fabulous winners will now be … Read more

Can a DM tell players that a room’s unimportant?

DMs often create monasteries, mansions and mines that are realistic, but this often lead players into thinking every room is equally as important and must be searched floor to ceiling. This leads to time wasted and much longer gaming sessions. How can the DM tell players that a room’s unimportant and that they shouldn’t linger … Read more