Necromunda Goliath Prisoner Paint Scheme

This gang was inspired by someone’s Necromunda ‘Prison Escapee’ themed Goliath gang I saw years ago. Always wanted to try my hand at it – I think I got halfway there 😉 Sadly I can’t find my original inspiration of this paint scheme, but the recipe I’ve used is included below if you want to … Read more

Dice Giveaway – 250 Twitter Follower Special

I can’t believe it but we hit 250 twitter followers on our Dungeons and Dragons Twitter account @PSJMaps this week. It was only last week we broke 200 on Twitter, so that’s a huge increase in followers. Thank you so much. TL;DR – How to enter our Twitter competition Update: 350 Follower (25th October) Guys … Read more

Day 2: The Deceased #inktober D&D Map

Today is Tuesday the 2nd of October and our theme for #inktober is ‘deceased‘. If you’re unfamiliar with #inktober then it is a daily drive to try and be creative in any way possible: ink, paint, pencil, CGI, clay, animation etc etc. If you missed my Day 1 of #Inktober, follow the link, however the … Read more

The Star Wars Death Moon

Inspired by a comment my brother made when he saw my recent photos (half moon, full moon) Also because its Star Wars day… I thought it was rather fitting… Oh I was also bored too “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” … Read more