Day 2: The Deceased #inktober D&D Map

Today is Tuesday the 2nd of October and our theme for #inktober is ‘deceased‘. If you’re unfamiliar with #inktober then it is a daily drive to try and be creative in any way possible: ink, paint, pencil, CGI, clay, animation etc etc.

If you missed my Day 1 of #Inktober, follow the link, however the room I drew is expanded upon below.

Although I’ve seen lots of posts about inktober focusing on the same themes, I created my own ‘board’ of daily themes to draw upon (pun intended).

My Dungeons and Dragons #inktober is hopefully going to follow these themes:

dungeons and dragons inktober
Day 2 – The deceased

So here is my ‘deceased’ addition to yesterdays ‘chasm’ day.

A room of stone coffins and sarcophagi.

I found it surprisingly difficult to draw coffins of the same shape and size, but that will hopefully become easier as I develop my pen control over October

Inktober Day 2 Dungeons and Dragon Map Drawing Day 2
Inktober Day 2 Dungeons and Dragon Map Drawing

I decided I’d see what the map looks like with a spot of color too, what do you think?

I mean I’m pretty committed to continuing with the colour now, I think it works for the stone brick walls but maybe less so for the natural rock face.

Color version Dungeons and Dragon Map Drawing Day 2

So that’s day 2 of #inktober, catch me on Twitter for day 3, which should be a well or shaft

Update: Inktobers day 3 is now out… check out the sunken shaft chamber

#inktober D&D on Twitter

Here’s a link to a bunch of people on Twitter posting #inktober Dungeons and Dragon content, go check it out.

Inktober Questions

  • What is your favourite environment to explore as a player of RPGs?
  • What is your favourite undead monster to battle?
  • Where should the doorway lead next?

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