Day 1: The Chasm #inktober D&D Map

So I was convinced to take part in this years #inktober, focusing on my passion for drawing Dungeons and Dragons maps.

#inktober is defined by DigitalArtsOnline as

It’s that time of year again when everyone is encouraged to pick up a pen in the name of Inktober, the month-long challenge where artists post one ink-drawn work for each day of October. The rules are simple: make an ink drawing – you’re allowed to use a pencil under-drawing if you wish – and post on your favourite social media networks with the hashtag of #inktober and #inktober2018.

I will be making a few tweaks to make it work for me.

As I struggle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME) I doubt I’d be able to strive towards completing a single map everyday. Plus I think I’d burn out and begin to dread the challenge.

Therefore I’m going to try and draw ONE map in October, but add a new themed room(s) every day.

The day’s theme is defined by this Dungeons and Dragons focused chart I made:

dungeons and dragons inktober

So my first day was ‘chasm’ and after a few strokes of the pen I came up with;

Quite happy with the quick room; a small wooden bridge of a chasm separating two parts of a natural cave.

One end of the cave is penetrated by a man made stairwell, while the other leads off to… day 2!


Day 2 has been produced, including the room for ‘the deceased’

Inktober Question

  • The last day of Inktober will see us drawing a huge big boss room – who’s lair should it be?
  • What monster is your favourite to battle in D&D or Pathfinder?

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