Vallejo Paint List & Codes

I always end up either buying duplicates paints, or get home only to realise I’ve ran out of a colour and should have bought it while at my FLGS.

To that end I thought I’d start cataloguing my paints, which ones need restocking, and which ones I have plenty of. This involved compiling a list of 470+ Vallejo paints (my go-to paints now), so that I could do a simple code lookup. I thought it might be useful to share with other miniature painters and wargamer hobbyists.

Below is a quick table you can search, but if you want the raw data you can grab it here from my Google spreadsheet > Vallejo Paint Spreadsheet.

You’ll find them split into Surface Primers, Metallics, Acrylic Colours, Airbrush Colours, Auxiliaries, Fluorescent Paints and now Washes too.

vallejo paint list codes names
Paint CodePaint TypeName (Espanol)Name (English)
600Surface PrimerBlancoWhite
601Surface PrimerGrisGrey
602Surface PrimerNegroBlack
603Surface PrimerDunkelgrau RAL7021German Panzer Grey
604Surface PrimerDunkelgelb RAL7028German Dark Yellow
605Surface PrimerRotbraun RAL8012German Red Brown
606Surface PrimerGelbbraun RAL8000German Green Brown
607Surface PrimerVerde Bronce UKUK Bronze Green
608Surface PrimerVerde Oliva USAUSA Olive Drab
609Surface PrimerVerde Ruso 4BORussian Green 4BO
610Surface PrimerIJA-Kare-Kusa-IROParched Grass (Late)
611Surface PrimerIJA Tsuchi-Kusa-IROEarth Green (Early)
612Surface PrimerVerde OTANNATO Green
613Surface PrimerArena DesiertoDesert Tan
614Surface PrimerIDF Gris Arena IsraelíIDF Isr. Sand Grey (61-73)
615Surface PrimerUSN Gris ClaroUSN Light Ghost Grey
70.400AuxiliariesMasilla PlásticaPlastic Putty 199
70.470AuxiliariesMedium BrillanteGloss Medium 190
70.510AuxiliariesBarniz BrillanteGloss Varnish
70.520AuxiliariesBarniz MateMatt Varnish
70.521AuxiliariesMedium MetálicoMetal Medium 191
70.522AuxiliariesBarniz SatinadoSatin Varnish
70.523AuxiliariesMáscara LíquidaLiquid Mask
70.524AuxiliariesDiluyenteThinner 200
70.540AuxiliariesMedium MateMatt Medium 189
70.596AuxiliariesMedium VeladurasGlaze Medium 195
70.597AuxiliariesRetardanteRetarder Medium 196
70.598AuxiliariesMedium CraquelarCrackle Medium 198
70.730FluorescentsAmarillo FluoYellow Fluo 206
70.733FluorescentsNaranja FluoOrange Fluo 207
70.735FluorescentsMagenta FluoMagenta Fluo 208
70.736FluorescentsAzul FluoBlue Fluo 209
70.737FluorescentsVerde FluoGreen Fluo 210
70.790Metallics in Alcohol BasePlataSilver
70.791Metallics in Alcohol BaseOroGold
70.792Metallics in Alcohol BaseOro ViejoOld Gold
70.793Metallics in Alcohol BaseOro RicoRich Gold
70.794Metallics in Alcohol BaseOro RojoRed Gold
70.795Metallics in Alcohol BaseOro VerdeGreen Gold
70.796Metallics in Alcohol BaseOro BlancoWhite Gold
70.797Metallics in Alcohol BaseCobreCopper
70.800MetallicsMetal AzulGunmetal Blue 180
70.801MetallicsLatónBrass 174
70.802Acrylic ColoursRojo SunsetSunset Red 41
70.803Acrylic ColoursRosa MarrónBrown Rose 38
70.804Acrylic ColoursRojo BeigeBeige Red 36
70.805 203Acrylic ColoursNaranja AlemánGerman Orange 23
70.806Acrylic ColoursAmarillo LasurGerman Yellow 12
70.807Acrylic ColoursAzul OxfordOxford Blue 49
70.808Acrylic ColoursAzul VerdeBlue Green 70
70.809Acrylic ColoursAzul RealRoyal Blue 54
70.810Acrylic ColoursPúrpura RealRoyal Purple 45
70.811Acrylic ColoursVioleta AzulBlue Violet 46
70.812Acrylic ColoursRojo VioletaViolet Red 43
70.814Acrylic ColoursRojo TostadoBurnt Red 34
70.815Acrylic ColoursCarne BaseBasic Skin Tone 17
70.816Acrylic ColoursUnif. Luftwaffe WWIILuftwaffe Unf. WWII 105
70.817Acrylic ColoursEscarlataScarlet 26
70.818Acrylic ColoursCuero RojoRed Leather 136
70.819Acrylic ColoursArena IraquíIraqi Sand 124
70.820Acrylic ColoursBlanco PergaminoOffwhite 4
70.821Acrylic ColoursAl. Cam. Beige WWIIGer.C. Beige WWII 103
70.822Acrylic ColoursAl. Cam. Pardo NegroGer. C. Black Brown 150
70.823Acrylic ColoursAlemán Cam. LuftwaffeLuftwaffe Cam. Green 86
70.824Acrylic ColoursA.C. Ocre NaranjaG.C. Orange Ochre 128
70.825Acrylic ColoursAl. Cam. Pardo ClaroGer. Cam. Pale Brown 144
70.826Acrylic ColoursAl. Cam. Pardo MedioGer. Cam. Med. Brown 145
70.827Acrylic ColoursVerde LimaLime Green 77
70.828Transparent ColoursMadera CaobaWoodgrain 182
70.829Acrylic ColoursRojo AmaranthAmaranth Red 130
70.830Acrylic ColoursVerde Alemán WWIIG. Fieldgrey WWII 102
70.831GlazePátina OcreTan Glaze
70.832GlazePátina VerdínVerdigris Glaze
70.833Acrylic ColoursA. Cam. Verde ClaroG.C. Bright Green 80
70.834Transparent ColoursMadera NaturalNatural Woodgrain 183
70.835Acrylic ColoursRosa SalmónSalmon Rose 37
70.836Acrylic ColoursGris LondresLondon Grey 161
70.837Acrylic ColoursArena ClaraPale Sand 7
70.838Acrylic ColoursEsmeraldaEmerald 71
70.839Acrylic ColoursAzul UltramarUltramarine 55
70.840Acrylic ColoursTurquesa ClaroLight Turquoise 68
70.841Acrylic ColoursAzul AndreaAndrea Blue 65
70.842Acrylic ColoursBlanco BrilloGloss White 3
70.843Acrylic ColoursMarrón CorchoCork Brown 133
70.844Acrylic ColoursAzul ProfundoDeep Sky Blue 66
70.845Acrylic ColoursCarne DoradaSunny Skin Tone 20
70.846Acrylic ColoursMarrón CaobaMahogany Brown 139
70.847Acrylic ColoursArena OscuraDark Sand 123
70.850Acrylic ColoursOliva MedioMedium Olive 81
70.851Acrylic ColoursNaranja IntensoBright Orange 24
70.853GlazePátina BlancaWhite Glaze
70.854GlazePátina MarrónBrown Glaze 204
70.855GlazePátina NegroBlack Glaze 205
70.856Acrylic ColoursOcre MarrónOchre Brown 127
70.857Acrylic ColoursOliva DoradoGolden Olive 79
70.858Acrylic ColoursAmarillo HieloIce Yellow 13
70.859Acrylic ColoursRojo NegroBlack Red 35
70.860Acrylic ColoursCarne MedioMedium Flesh Tone 21
70.861Acrylic ColoursNegro BrillanteGlossy Black 170
70.862Acrylic ColoursGris NegroBlack Grey 168
70.863MetallicsGris MetalizadoGunmetal Grey 179
70.864MetallicsAcero NaturalNatural Steel 178
70.865MetallicsAcero EngrasadoOily Steel 177
70.866Acrylic ColoursGris VerdeGrey Green 165
70.867Acrylic ColoursAzul Gris OscuroDark Blue Grey 164
70.868Acrylic ColoursVerde Marina OscuroDark Sea Green 163
70.869Acrylic ColoursGris BasaltoBasalt Grey 162
70.870Acrylic ColoursGris Marina MedioMedium Sea Grey 158
70.871Acrylic ColoursMarrón Cuero OscuroLeather Brown 147
70.872Acrylic ColoursMarrón ChocolateChocolate Brown 149
70.873Acrylic ColoursTierraUS Field Drab 142
70.874Acrylic ColoursTierra OscuraTan Earth 134
70.875Acrylic ColoursMarrón BeigeBeige Brown 135
70.876Acrylic ColoursArena MarrónBrown Sand 132
70.877Acrylic ColoursMarrón DoradoGold Brown 126
70.878MetallicsOro ViejoOld Gold 173
70.879Acrylic ColoursMarrón VerdeGreen Brown 114
70.880Acrylic ColoursGris CaquiKhaki Grey 113
70.881Acrylic ColoursVerde AmarilloYellow Green 112
70.882Acrylic ColoursAmarillo PiedraMiddlestone 118
70.883Acrylic ColoursGris PlateadoSilvergrey 152
70.884Acrylic ColoursGris PiedraStone Grey 104
70.885Acrylic ColoursVerde PastelPastel Green 109
70.886Acrylic ColoursGris VerdosoGreen Grey 101
70.887Acrylic ColoursUS Verde OlivaUS Olive Drab 93
70.888Acrylic ColoursGris OlivaOlive Grey 92
70.889Acrylic ColoursPardo OlivaOlive Brown 91
70.890Acrylic ColoursVerde RefractarioRefractive Green 90
70.891Acrylic ColoursVerde MedioIntermediate Green 74
70.892Acrylic ColoursOliva AmarilloYellow Olive 87
70.893Acrylic ColoursVerde AmericanoUS Dark Green 95
70.894Acrylic ColoursCam. Verde OlivaCam. Olive Green 96
70.895Acrylic ColoursVerde AcorazadoGunship Green 88
70.896Acrylic ColoursAl.C. Verde Extra Osc.G.C. Extra Dark Green 99
70.897Acrylic ColoursVerde BronzeadoBronze Green 98
70.898Acrylic ColoursAzul Marina OscuroDark Sea Blue 48
70.899Acrylic ColoursAzul Prusia OscuroDark Prussian Blue 50
70.900Acrylic ColoursAzul FrancésFrench Mirage Blue 59
70.901Acrylic ColoursAzul PastelPastel Blue 63
70.902Acrylic ColoursAzul AzurAzure 62
70.903Acrylic ColoursAzul AmericanoIntermediate Blue 60
70.904Acrylic ColoursGris Azul OscuroDark Blue Grey 157
70.905Acrylic ColoursGris Azul ClaroBlue Grey Pale 156
70.906Acrylic ColoursAzul PálidoPale Blue 64
70.907Acrylic ColoursAzul Gris ClaroPale Grey Blue 153
70.908Acrylic ColoursRojo CarmínCarmine Red 30
70.909Acrylic ColoursBermellónVermilion 28
70.910Acrylic ColoursRojo ClaroOrange Red 27
70.911Acrylic ColoursNaranja ClaroLight Orange 22
70.912Acrylic ColoursMarrón AmarilloTan Yellow 122
70.913Acrylic ColoursOcre AmarilloYellow Ochre 121
70.914Acrylic ColoursOcre VerdeGreen Ochre 119
70.915Acrylic ColoursAmarillo IntensoDeep Yellow 14
70.916Acrylic ColoursAmarillo ArenaSand Yellow 9
70.917Acrylic ColoursBeigeBeige 8
70.918Acrylic ColoursHuesoIvory 5
70.919Acrylic ColoursBlanco FríoCold White 2
70.920Acrylic ColoursUniforme AlemánGerman Uniform 85
70.921Acrylic ColoursUniforme InglésEnglish Uniform 141
70.922Acrylic ColoursVerde UniformeUniform Green 84
70.923Acrylic ColoursUniforme Japonés WWIIJapan Uniform WWII 117
70.924Acrylic ColoursUniforme Ruso WWIIRussian Unf. WWII 94
70.925Acrylic ColoursAzul IntensoBlue 52
70.926Acrylic ColoursRojoRed 33
70.927Acrylic ColoursCarne OscuraDark Flesh 19
70.928Acrylic ColoursCarne ClaraLight Flesh 6
70.929Acrylic ColoursMarrón ClaroLight Brown 129
70.930Acrylic ColoursAzul OscuroDark Blue 53
70.934Transparent ColoursRojo TransparenteTransparent Red 186
70.935Transparent ColoursNaranja TransparenteTransparent Orange 185
70.936Transparent ColoursVerde TransparenteTransparent Green 188
70.937Transparent ColoursAmarillo TransparenteTransparent Yellow 184
70.938Transparent ColoursAzul TransparenteTransparent Blue 187
70.939Transparent ColoursHumoSmoke 181
70.940Acrylic ColoursMarrón CueroSaddle Brown 138
70.941Acrylic ColoursSombra TostadaBurnt Umber 148
70.942Acrylic ColoursVerde ClaroLight Green 75
70.943Acrylic ColoursAzul GrisGrey Blue 61
70.944Acrylic ColoursRosa AntiguoOld Rose 39
70.945Acrylic ColoursMagentaMagenta 42
70.946Acrylic ColoursRojo OscuroDark Red 32
70.947Acrylic ColoursBermellón OscuroDark Vermillion 29
70.948Acrylic ColoursAmarillo DoradoGolden Yellow 16
70.949Acrylic ColoursAmarillo ClaroLight Yellow 10
70.950Acrylic ColoursNegroBlack 169
70.951Acrylic ColoursBlancoWhite 1
70.952Acrylic ColoursAmarillo LimónLemon Yellow 11
70.953Acrylic ColoursAmarillo MateFlat Yellow 15
70.954Acrylic ColoursAmarillo VerdeYellow Green 78
70.955Acrylic ColoursCarne MateFlat Flesh 18
70.956Acrylic ColoursNaranjaClear Orange 25
70.957Acrylic ColoursRojo MateFlat Red 31
70.958Acrylic ColoursRosaPink 40
70.959Acrylic ColoursPúrpuraPurple 44
70.960Acrylic ColoursVioletaViolet 47
70.961Acrylic ColoursAzul CieloSky Blue 67
70.962Acrylic ColoursAzul MateFlat Blue 56
70.963Acrylic ColoursAzul MedioMedium Blue 57
70.964Acrylic ColoursAzul MilitarField Blue 58
70.965Acrylic ColoursAzul de PrusiaPrussian Blue 51
70.966Acrylic ColoursTurquesaTurquoise 69
70.967Acrylic ColoursVerde OlivaOlive Green 82
70.968Acrylic ColoursVerde Oliva OscuroFlat Green 83
70.969Acrylic ColoursVerdePark Green Flat 73
70.970Acrylic ColoursVerde OscuroDeep Green 72
70.971Acrylic ColoursVerde Gris PálidoGreen Grey 106
70.972Acrylic ColoursVerde Azul PálidoLight Green Blue 107
70.973Acrylic ColoursVerde Gris MedioLight Sea Grey 108
70.974Acrylic ColoursVerde AzulGreen Sky 76
70.975Acrylic ColoursVerde MilitarMilitary Green 89
70.976Acrylic ColoursAmarillo CaquiBuff 120
70.977Acrylic ColoursAmarillo DesiertoDesert Yellow 125
70.978Acrylic ColoursAmarillo CamuflajeDark Yellow 116
70.979Acrylic ColoursAl. Cam. Verde Osc.G. Cam. Dark Green 97
70.980Acrylic ColoursVerde NegroBlack Green 100
70.981Acrylic ColoursMarrón NaranjaOrange Brown 131
70.982Acrylic ColoursMarrón RojoCavalry Brown 137
70.983Acrylic ColoursTierra MateFlat Earth 143
70.984Acrylic ColoursMarrón MateFlat Brown 140
70.985Acrylic ColoursMarrón RojizoHull Red 146
70.986Acrylic ColoursMarrón CubiertaDeck Tan 110
70.987Acrylic ColoursGris MedioMedium Grey 111
70.988Acrylic ColoursMarrón CaquiKhaki 115
70.989Acrylic ColoursGris CieloSky Grey 154
70.990Acrylic ColoursGris PálidoLight Grey 155
70.991Acrylic ColoursGris MarinaDark Sea Grey 159
70.992Acrylic ColoursGris NeutralNeutral Grey 160
70.993Acrylic ColoursGris BlancoWhite Grey 151
70.994Acrylic ColoursGris OscuroDark Grey 166
70.995Acrylic ColoursGris AlemánGerman Grey 167
70.996MetallicsOroGold 172
70.997MetallicsPlataSilver 171
70.998MetallicsBronceBronze 175
70.999MetallicsCobreCopper 176
71.001Acrylic Airbrush ColoursBlancoWhite
71.002Acrylic Airbrush ColoursAmarillo MedioMedium Yellow
71.003Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRLM23 RotRed RLM23
71.004Acrylic Airbrush ColoursAzulBlue
71.005Acrylic Airbrush ColoursAzul GrisGrey Blue
71.006Acrylic Airbrush ColoursVerde Claro CromoLight Green Chromate
71.007Acrylic Airbrush ColoursVerde OlivaOlive Green
71.008Acrylic Airbrush ColoursAzul ClaroPale Blue
71.009Acrylic Airbrush ColoursVerde Huevo PatoEau de Nil “D. E. Green”
71.010Acrylic Airbrush ColoursVerde InteriorInterior Green
71.011Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRLM83 DunkelgrünDark Green RLM83
71.012Acrylic Airbrush ColoursVerde OscuroDark Green
71.013Acrylic Airbrush ColoursOliva AmarilloYellow Olive
71.014Acrylic Airbrush ColoursVerde AcorazadoGunship Green
71.015Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRLM71 DunkelgrünDark Green RLM71
71.016Acrylic Airbrush ColoursUSAF Verde OlivaUSAF Olive Drab
71.017Acrylic Airbrush ColoursVerde Ruso 4BORussian Green 4BO
71.018Acrylic Airbrush ColoursVerde NegroBlack Green
71.019Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRAL6007 GrünCamouflage Dark Green
71.020Acrylic Airbrush ColoursVerde PardoGreen Brown
71.021Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRLM70 SchwarzgrünBlack Green RLM70
71.022Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRLM82 HellgrünLight Green RLM82
71.023Acrylic Airbrush ColoursTan GreenHemp
71.024Acrylic Airbrush ColoursMarrón CaquiKhaki Brown
71.025Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRAL7028 DunkelgelbDark Yellow
71.026Acrylic Airbrush ColoursMarrón USUS Flat Brown
71.027Acrylic Airbrush ColoursMarrón ClaroLight Brown
71.028Acrylic Airbrush ColoursAmarillo ArenaSand Yellow
71.029Acrylic Airbrush ColoursTierra OscuraDark Earth
71.030Acrylic Airbrush ColoursMarrón VerdosoBrown Green
71.031Acrylic Airbrush ColoursPiedra MedioMiddle Stone
71.032Acrylic Airbrush ColoursMarrón DoradoGolden Brown
71.033Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRAL1006 GelbYellow Ochre
71.034Acrylic Airbrush ColoursMarrón ArenaSand Brown
71.035Acrylic Airbrush ColoursCamuflaje Pardo ClaroCamouflage Pale Brown
71.036Acrylic Airbrush ColoursCaobaMahogany
71.037Acrylic Airbrush ColoursMarrón LodoMud Brown
71.038Acrylic Airbrush ColoursCamuflaje Pardo MedioCamouflage Medium Brown
71.039Acrylic Airbrush ColoursMarrón RojizoHull Red
71.040Acrylic Airbrush ColoursSombra TostadaBurnt Umber
71.041Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRAL8017 RotbraunArmour Brown
71.042Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRLM61 DunkelbraunDark Brown RLM61
71.043Acrylic Airbrush ColoursUS Verde OlivaUS Olive Drab
71.044Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRLM02 GrauGrey RLM02
71.045Acrylic Airbrush ColoursGris CementoCement Grey
71.046Acrylic Airbrush ColoursAzul Gris ClaroPale Blue Grey
71.047Acrylic Airbrush ColoursGrisGrey
71.048Acrylic Airbrush ColoursGris MotorEngine Gray
71.049Acrylic Airbrush ColoursGris MarSea Grey
71.050Acrylic Airbrush ColoursGris ClaroLight Gray
71.051Acrylic Airbrush ColoursGris NeutralNeutral Gray
71.052Acrylic Airbrush ColoursGris AntracitaAnthracite Grey
71.053Acrylic Airbrush ColoursGris Mar OscuroDark Sea Gray
71.054Acrylic Airbrush ColoursGris Azul OscuroDark Grey Blue
71.055Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRLM66 SchwarzgrauBlack Grey RLM66
71.056Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRAL7021 DunkelgrauPanzer Dark Grey
71.057Acrylic Airbrush ColoursNegro ANA604-BS642Black
71.062Acrylic Airbrush ColoursAluminio (Metalizado)Aluminium (Metallic)
71.063Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRLM01 Silber (Metalizado)Silver RLM01 (Metallic)
71.064Acrylic Airbrush ColoursCromo (Metalizado)Chrome (Metallic)
71.065Acrylic Airbrush ColoursAcero (Metalizado)Steel (Metallic)
71.066Acrylic Airbrush ColoursOro (Metalizado)Gold (Metallic)
71.067Acrylic Airbrush ColoursLatón (Metalizado)Bright Brass (Metallic)
71.068Acrylic Airbrush ColoursCobre (Metalizado)Copper (Metallic)
71.069Acrylic Airbrush ColoursÓxido (Metalizado)Rust (Metallic)
71.070Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRojo Señal (Metalizado)Signal Red (Metallic)
71.071Acrylic Airbrush ColoursAzul Ártico (Metalizado)Arctic Blue (Metallic)
71.072Acrylic Airbrush ColoursFusil (Metalizado)Gunmetal (Metallic)
71.073Acrylic Airbrush ColoursNegro (Metalizado)Black (Metallic)
71.074Acrylic Airbrush ColoursBeigeBeige
71.075Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRAL1001 ElfenbeinIvory
71.076Acrylic Airbrush ColoursColor PielSkin Tone
71.077Acrylic Airbrush ColoursMaderaWood
71.078Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRLM04 Gelb ANA614-BS356Yellow RLM04
71.079Acrylic Airbrush ColoursTierraTan Earth
71.080Acrylic Airbrush ColoursÓxidoRust
71.081Acrylic Airbrush ColoursOcreOchre
71.082Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRojo FluorescenteFluorescent Red
71.083Acrylic Airbrush ColoursNaranjaOrange
71.084Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRojo FuegoFire Red
71.085Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRojo FerrariFerrari Red
71.086Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRojo ClaroLight Red
71.087Acrylic Airbrush ColoursAzul AceroSteel Blue
71.088Acrylic Airbrush ColoursAzul FrancésFrench Blue
71.089Acrylic Airbrush ColoursAzul Mar ClaroLight Sea Blue
71.090Acrylic Airbrush ColoursAzul OscuroDeep Sky
71.091Acrylic Airbrush ColoursAzul Señal ANA605-BS106Signal Blue
71.092Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRAL6003 OlivgrünMedium Olive
71.093Acrylic Airbrush ColoursVerde OtanNato Green
71.094Acrylic Airbrush ColoursVerde ZincGreen Zinc Chromate
71.095Acrylic Airbrush ColoursVerde PálidoPale Green
71.096Acrylic Airbrush ColoursVerde Oliva GrisáceoOlive Grey
71.097Acrylic Airbrush ColoursGris Medio USAFMedium Gunship Gray
71.101Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRLM78 HellblauLight Blue RLM78
71.102Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRojoRed
71.103Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRLM84 GraublauGrey Blue RLM84
71.104Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRLM62 GrünGreen RLM62
71.105Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRLM26 BraunBrown RLM26
71.106Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRLM05 ElfenbeinIvory RLM05
71.107Acrylic Airbrush ColoursUS Amarillo InteriorUS Interior Yellow
71.108Acrylic Airbrush ColoursUk Azul AzureUk Azure Blue
71.109Acrylic Airbrush ColoursM-485 Blue GrayFaded P.R.U. Blue
71.110Acrylic Airbrush ColoursGris OscuroDark Grey
71.111Acrylic Airbrush ColoursUSAF Azul ClaroUSAF Light Blue
71.112Acrylic Airbrush ColoursArenaSand
71.113Acrylic Airbrush ColoursAzul IDFIDF Blue
71.114Acrylic Airbrush ColoursGris MedioMedium Gray
71.115Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRAL7016 BlaugrauBlue Grey
71.116Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRAL7008 GraugrünCamouflage Grey Green
71.117Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRAL8020 BraunCamouflage Brown
71.118Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRAL7027 GrauCamouflage Grey
71.119Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRAL9002 GrauweissWhite Grey
71.120Acrylic Airbrush ColoursGris Oscuro USAFDark Ghost Gray
71.121Acrylic Airbrush ColoursGris Gaviota UsnLight Gull Gray
71.122Acrylic Airbrush ColoursUS Camuflaje Moderno 686US Desert Armour 686
71.123Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRLM42 DunkelgrauDark Grey RLM42
71.124Acrylic Airbrush ColoursVerde USAFUSAF Green
71.125Acrylic Airbrush ColoursMarrón USAFUSAF Brown
71.126Acrylic Airbrush ColoursVerde IDF/IAFIDF/IAF Green
71.128Acrylic Airbrush ColoursGris VioletaGray Violet
71.129Acrylic Airbrush ColoursÓxido ClaroLight Rust
71.130Acrylic Airbrush ColoursÓxido ANAranjadoOrange Rust
71.131Acrylic Airbrush ColoursCementoConcrete
71.132Acrylic Airbrush ColoursBlanco EnvejecidoAged White
71.133Acrylic Airbrush ColoursSuciedadDirt
71.134Acrylic Airbrush ColoursIJA Verde MidouriIJA Midouri Green
71.135Acrylic Airbrush ColoursIJA Amarillo CromadoIJA Chrome Yellow
71.136Acrylic Airbrush ColoursIJA Marrón TierraIJA Earth Brown
71.137Acrylic Airbrush ColoursUS Verde ClaroUS Light Green
71.138Acrylic Airbrush ColoursUS ArenaUS Sand
71.139Acrylic Airbrush ColoursUS Marrón VerdosoUS Field Drab
71.140Acrylic Airbrush ColoursUS Arena DesiertoUS Desert Sand
71.141Acrylic Airbrush ColoursIDF Gris Arena 73IDF Sand Grey 73
71.142Acrylic Airbrush ColoursIDF Gris Sinai 82IDF Sinai Grey 82
71.143Acrylic Airbrush ColoursUK Piedra ClaraUK Light Stone
71.244Acrylic Airbrush ColoursSandbeigeSand Beige
71.245Acrylic Airbrush ColoursLehmbeigeLoam Beige
71.246Acrylic Airbrush ColoursSandbraunYellow Brown
71.247Acrylic Airbrush ColoursHellolivLight Olive
71.248Acrylic Airbrush ColoursGris MarrónBrown Grey
71.249Acrylic Airbrush ColoursLederbraunNato Brown
71.250Acrylic Airbrush ColoursBronzegrünBronze Green
71.251Acrylic Airbrush ColoursTeerschwarzNato Black
71.255Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRLM65 HellblauLight Blue RLM65
71.256Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRLM73 GrünGreen RLM73
71.257Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRLM76 LichtblauLight Blue RLM76
71.258Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRLM74 GraugrünGrey Green RLM74
71.259Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRLM75 GrauviolettGrey Violet RLM75
71.260Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRLM63 HellgrauLight Grey RLM63
71.261Acrylic Airbrush ColoursDiluyente AerógrafoAirbrush Thinner
71.262Acrylic Airbrush ColoursFlow ImproverFlow Improver
71.263Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRLM72 GrünGreen RLM72
71.264Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRLM81 BraunviolettBrown Violet RLM81
71.265Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRLM80 OlivgrünOlive Green RLM80
71.266Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRLM24 DunkelblauDark Blue RLM24
71.267Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRLM25 HellgrünLight Green RLM25
71.268Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRAL6006 FeldgrauGerman Grey
71.269Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRAL3000 RotRed
71.270Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRAL9001 WeissOff-White
71.271Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRAL8012 RotbraunGerman Red Brown
71.272Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRAL8000 GelbbraunGerman Yellow Brown
71.273Acrylic Airbrush ColoursGris OceanoOcean Gray
71.274Acrylic Airbrush ColoursGris AggressorAggressor Gray
71.275Acrylic Airbrush ColoursUSAF Gris MedioUSAF Medium Gray
71.276Acrylic Airbrush ColoursGris ClaroUSAF Light Gray
71.277Acrylic Airbrush ColoursGris Gaviota OscuroDark Gull Gray
71.278Acrylic Airbrush ColoursRLM79 SandgelbSand Yellow RLM79
71.279Acrylic Airbrush ColoursBlanco InsigniaInsignia White
71.280Acrylic Airbrush ColoursGris CamuflajeCamouflage Gray
71.281Acrylic Airbrush Colours3B Verde Ruso3B Russian Green
71.282Acrylic Airbrush Colours6K Marrón Ruso6K Russian Brown
71.283Acrylic Airbrush Colours7K Tierra Rusa7K Russian Tan
71.284Acrylic Airbrush ColoursUk Marrón ClaroUk Light Mud
71.285Acrylic Airbrush ColoursIJA Verde OscuroIJA Dark Green
71.286Acrylic Airbrush ColoursIJA Verde OlivaIJA Olive Green
71.287Acrylic Airbrush ColoursIJA Marrón CaquiIJA Khaki Brown
71.288Acrylic Airbrush ColoursUK BSC 64 Piedra PortlandUK BSC 64 Portland Stone
71.289Acrylic Airbrush ColoursUS Verde OscuroUS Dark Green
71.290Acrylic Airbrush ColoursUS Tierra MarrónUS Earth Brown
71.291Acrylic Airbrush ColoursUS Tierra AmarillaUS Earth Yellow
71.292Acrylic Airbrush ColoursUS Marrón BarroUS Loam
71.293Acrylic Airbrush ColoursUS Tierra RojaUS Earth Red
71.294Acrylic Airbrush ColoursUS Verde BosqueUS Forest Green
71.295Acrylic Airbrush ColoursUSN Azul MarinoUSN Sea Blue
71.296Acrylic Airbrush ColoursCurtiss GreyUSAAF Light Gray
71.297Acrylic Airbrush ColoursJGSD Marrón 3606JGSD Brown 3606
71.298Acrylic Airbrush ColoursM495 Gris ClaroM495 Light Gray
71.299Acrylic Airbrush ColoursAzul IntermedioIntermediate Blue
71.300Acrylic Airbrush ColoursAzul Mar BrillanteGlossy Sea Blue
71.301Acrylic Airbrush ColoursAmt-4 Camuflaje VerdeAmt-4 Camouflage Green
71.302Acrylic Airbrush ColoursVerde CieloSky Type S
71.303Acrylic Airbrush ColoursA-24M Verde CamuflajeA-24M Camouflage Green
71.304Acrylic Airbrush ColoursAmt-11 Azul GrisáceoAmt-11 Blue Grey
71.305Acrylic Airbrush ColoursInterior Gris VerdeInterior Grey Green
71.306Acrylic Airbrush ColoursAzul CieloSky Blue
71.307Acrylic Airbrush ColoursBS Gris Mar MedioBS Medium Sea Grey
71.308Acrylic Airbrush ColoursAmt-12 Gris OscuroAmt-12 Dark Grey
71.309Acrylic Airbrush ColoursGris Pizarra OscuroDark Slate Grey
71.310Acrylic Airbrush ColoursIJN Verde Oscuro IntensoIJN Deep Dark Green
71.311Acrylic Airbrush ColoursIJN Gris CenizaIJN Ash Grey
71.312Acrylic Airbrush ColoursIJN Gris MedioIJN Medium Grey
71.313Acrylic Airbrush ColoursAzul Mediterraneo OscuroDark Mediterranean Blue
71.314Acrylic Airbrush ColoursGris HidroaviónSeaplane Gray
71.315Acrylic Airbrush ColoursNegro CauchoTire Black
71.316Acrylic Airbrush ColoursN. 41 Verde Oliva OscuroN. 41 Dark Olive Drab
71.317Acrylic Airbrush ColoursAII SV. Gol Azul ClaroAII SV. Gol Light Blue
71.318Acrylic Airbrush ColoursAmt-7 Azul GrisáceoAmt-7 Greyish Blue
71.319Acrylic Airbrush ColoursA-28M Azul GrisáceoA-28M Greyish Blue
71.320Acrylic Airbrush ColoursAmt-1 Marrón Grisác. ClaroAmt-1 Light Greyish Brown
71.321Acrylic Airbrush ColoursSky GreenIJA Light Grey Green
71.322Acrylic Airbrush ColoursIJN Verde NegroIJN Black Green
71.323Acrylic Airbrush ColoursBS Tierra OscuraBS Dark Earth
71.324Acrylic Airbrush ColoursBS Verde OscuroBS Dark Green
71.325Acrylic Airbrush ColoursIJN Verde Negro OscuroIJN Dark Black Green
71.326Acrylic Airbrush ColoursIJA Gris VerdosoIJA Grey Green
71.327Acrylic Airbrush ColoursArena IAFIAF Sand
71.328Acrylic Airbrush ColoursAzul ClaroLight Blue
71.329Acrylic Airbrush ColoursVerdeGreen
71.330Acrylic Airbrush ColoursVerde Caqui Nº3Khaki Green Num. 3
71.331Acrylic Airbrush ColoursVerde Interior CabinaCockpit Eme. Green “Faded”
71.332Acrylic Airbrush ColoursAzul DesgastadoUnderside Blue “Faded”
71.333Acrylic Airbrush ColoursAzul AF RusoRussian AF Blue
71.334Acrylic Airbrush ColoursAzul Claro FlankerFlanker Light Blue
71.335Acrylic Airbrush ColoursGris Claro FlankerFlanker Light Gray
71.336Acrylic Airbrush ColoursA-14 Gris AceroA-14 Steel Grey
71.337Acrylic Airbrush ColoursAzul FlankerFlanker Blue
71.338Acrylic Airbrush ColoursGris Azul AF RusoRussian AF Grey Blue
71.339Acrylic Airbrush ColoursGris N.3 AF RusoRussian AF Grey N.3
71.340Acrylic Airbrush ColoursGris VerdosoGrey Green
71.341Acrylic Airbrush ColoursVerde GrisáceoGreen Grey
71.342Acrylic Airbrush ColoursAzul Claro AF RusoRussian AF Light Blue
71.343Acrylic Airbrush ColoursGris N.7 AF RusoRussian AF Grey N.7
71.344Acrylic Airbrush ColoursGris AF RusoRussian AF Grey Prot. Coat
71.345Acrylic Airbrush ColoursGris N.8 AF RusoRussian AF Grey N.8
71.346Acrylic Airbrush ColoursGris N.4 AF RusoRussian AF Grey N.4
71.347Acrylic Airbrush ColoursVerde Oscuro AF RusoRussian AF Dark Green
71.348Acrylic Airbrush ColoursUSAF Marrón ArenaUSAF Tan
73.212AuxiliariesAblandador CalcasDecal Softener 213
73.213AuxiliariesFijador CalcasDecal Fix 214
73.214AuxiliariesMedium de DesgasteChipping Medium
76.503WashAmarillo OscuroDark Yellow
76.505WashÓxido ClaroLight Rust
76.507WashÓxido OscuroDark Rust
76.512WashVerde OscuroDark Green
76.514WashMarrón OscuroDark Brown
76.515WashGris ClaroLight Grey
76.517WashGris OscuroDark Grey
76.519WashVerde OlivaOlive Green
76.520WashVerde Caqui OscuroDark khaki Green
76.521WashTierra EngrasadaOiled Earth
76.522WashTierra DesiertoDesert Dust
76.523WashTierra EuropeaEuropean Dust
76.524WashGris AzuladoBlue Grey

This data was compiled from Vallejo’s PDF documents for Model Air and Model Colour, accessible in the paint downloads section.

If anyone wants, drop me a comment and I can add their fantasy / bright colours from their Game Air range etc.

Hope someone else finds the table of Vallejo paints useful.

EDIT. Just added the Vallejo Wash range, Not sure how I forgot those previously. The Vallejo paint spreadsheet has also been updated.

I love Vallejo paints so much, I decided to tackle one of Games Workshop most iconic paint schemes, the Cadian 8th. Check out the amazing results!

1 thought on “Vallejo Paint List & Codes”

  1. From a set of of 8 x Game Wash:
    73.200 Wash Lavado Sepia Sepia Shade
    73.201 Wash Lavado Negro Black Wash
    73.202 Wash Gris Palido Pale Grey
    73.203 Wash Lavado Sombra Umber Wash
    73.204 Wash Lavado Carne Flesh Wash
    73.205 Wash Lavado Verde Green Wash
    73.206 Wash Lavado Rojo Red Wash
    73.207 Wash Lavado Azul Blue Wash


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