Day 3: The Shaft #inktober D&D Map

Today, Wednesday the 3rd of October 2018, has us adding a deep shaft into our little #inktober Dungeons and Dragon map.

If you haven’t seen yesterdays #inktober drawing, you can see it here where we added the ‘deceased’ room.

So today we have expanded eastward from our deceased room and added a large vertical shaft, descending deep into the unknown.

A cool breeze rises up to meet you as you step onto the raised stone circle and approach the dark void.

Day 3 inktober Sunken Shaft
Day 3 has us adding a sunken shaft into our Dungeons and Dragon map

Stretching some 10 feet out into the centre of the void, a small wooden platform protrudes and creaks.

Dropping a torch into the shaft reveals what seems like a bottomless pit.

What could be down there?

Surrounded by a low circular stone wall, the shaft sits in a rather unimpressive large chamber.

As your eyes adjust to your dim torch-light, you notice strange hieroglyphic symbols running around the base of the large stone circle.

Immediate east of the sunken shaft however, two small primitive rooms are curtained off by thick purple fabric. Both rooms contain a simple bedroll and straw pillow.

The tunnel before the shaft chamber continues further south, where we’ll pick up Day 4 for our ‘alter’ room.

Update: Day 4, The Altar, has been added to our Dungeons and Dragons mapping campaign

Day 3 Inktober Questions

In the comments below, leave your answers to the following:

  1. What is at the bottom of the shaft?
  2. What is the wooden platform for?
  3. Who stays in the two ‘bedrooms’?
  4. What should we find on the altar tomorrow?

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