Day 4: The Altar #inktober D&D Map

Its another sunny day in October 2018, so that must mean another #Inktober post for our Dungeons and Dragons map.

Yesterday topic was the sunken shaft, but today’s was ‘the altar’.

Moving south from the endless void we discovered yesterday, we come across a small junction and a thick blue fabric curtain.

Peering behind the curtain we discover a smooth, almost perfect, marble floor. In the centre of the oddly shaped room stand four pillars, capped with gold.

Amongst the golden pillars sits an altar, adorned with ghostly figures etched into the granite top.

#inktober - the Altar room is added (click to enlarge)
#inktober – the Altar room is added (click to enlarge)

Several other rooms are dotted around this altar, some with no obvious purpose.

A further, much smaller altar is discovered to the north east.

It resembles an offering bowl made of pure gold. Several smaller golden spheres are  affixed to the four walls.

A well concealed doorway lits slip a secret passageway, descending down sharply from the room.

The floor is much more coarse here and the temperature much lower. Despite several cobwebs… nothing stirs.

Day 4 – Inktober Questions

  1. What is being worshipped?
  2. What was once down the secret passageway?
  3. Which way should we head next?

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