Day 6: The Armoury #Inktober D&D Map

Today’s the 6th of October, which also means its out 6th drawing for #inktober

We double back from our recently discovered prison cell, only to discover a highly defended armoury.

The circular doorway into the armoury is almost two foot thick of solid stone and metalwork.

Unlocked however, it rolls almost effortlessly on an intricate metal pulley system hidden in the floor.

A small collection of weapons, mostly swords, bows and daggers are seen scattered over various tabletops and cabinets.

Day 6 of inktober and we discover the armoury
Day 6 of inktober and we discover the armoury

Inktober Questions

To enter our dice giveaway, read our competition rules and answer the following questions:

  • Why does this dungeon have its own armoury?
  • What magical weapon would you want to find in a dungeon?
  • Why are some of the weapons already out, what were they defending themselves against?

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