Day 7: Training Room #Inktober

Day 7 of #Inktober finds us stumbling upon a small training room, just south of the armoury.

Several hay targets are setup at the far end of the room, with various arrows fired down range. It seems the shooters varied considerably in skill!

3 melee combat dummies hang front the ceiling, sporting old dented bits of armour. Several shattered blades and old spears lay up against the walls.

Day 7: The Armoury Inktober

The air is thick, heavy and stale with old sweat and spilt blood.

What were the occupants training for?

Inktober Questions

  • Who was training down here and for what?
  • What is the best monster you’ve faced in a TTRPG?
  • What weapon is your favourite from the D&D or Pathfinder universe?

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