Day 8: Fire! #inktober

Damn I got behind in my #Inktober drawing! This D&D map doesn’t draw itself.

Thankfully a lot of people on Twitter encouraged me not to feel down and to just carry on when I got a chance.

Therefore I present the fire room:

a new lava flow added to our inktober dnd map dungeon
A small flow of lava blocks travel further Westwards
A close up of the lava. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out

Even though I’m 3 days behind with this, I’m really pleased with how this part of the dungeon map worked out.

Part of the purpose of inktober is to push artists (not that I’d count myself as one), and for this day I a few things changed, style-wise:

  1. Lava, obviously. Surprised with how the flow and mini islands added to the stream
  2. I used thicker wall lines around the cave immediately leading up to the lava. Compared to the far side of the bridge. What do you think?
  3. I used a small bit of shading inside the cave on the TOP walls, I think it adds a bit more depth.

Inktober Questions

  1. What monster is thriving off the lava, unbeknown to the explorers?
  2. Should there be anything across the lava, or is it a deadend?
  3. What is the most painful way one of your PCs has been killed?

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