Day 9: The Maze #inktober

Another #inktober dungeon map I’m late with, whoops!

This #inktober dungeon map addition see’s us adding a maze element.

Here we’ve added a highly trapped maze to our original entrance stairs.

I wanted to also add a lot of vertical movement too, so there are lots of stairs and passageways passing over and under.

dungeon map for inktober now including a maze with traps
The entrance has been expanded to now include a highly trapped maze

As you can see the maze isn’t obviously on how to pass through without springing a trap.

I like how one of the routes takes you to the lava stream.

close up detail shot of the trapped entrance maze
Close up of the maze and how it interacts with both the lave stream and the original entrance

I was really happy with how the lava stream worked out in ‘yesterdays’ fire dungeon map, that I carried the stream on further.

The close up maze shot shows the continuation of the lava stream.

Inktober Questions

If you’re in our dice giveaway, or even if you’re not, answer these questions about today’s #inktober:

  • What do the traps set off? Gas cloud? Classic arrow trap? Teleport spell?
  • What should come before the maze?
  • What monster lurks the darkened maze corridors?

2 thoughts on “Day 9: The Maze #inktober”

  1. Thank you – I am rather happy with how the lava flow turned out.

    I love the idea of teleporting the enemies to other pads. In fact I may use this in an upcoming campaign. Combined with being stalked by multiple gelatinous cube… mwahaha

  2. Hey! The lava flow came out great!

    I think it would be cool if the traps randomly teleported the party member who triggered it to another pad. Then, every time they teleported, a medium-difficult critter appeared in the place they just teleported from. So the party is being pursued while they are trying to reform 😀

    Before the maze should be an encounter with a creature who will either lead them into the maze (“catch me if you can!”) or a creature which will chase them into the maze. Adds a ticking-clock element to the maze puzzle.

    As for the lurking monsters, I’ve always been partial to slow-moving, juggernaut-like creatures… gelatinous cubes and the like.

    Looks great so far. Keep it up!


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