Day 10: The Tower #inktober

Stretching forth from the barren ground, a dark glimmering Mage’s tower dominates the landscape.

That would have worked for 10th October’s #inktober, however I built my dungeon map entirely underground… so that makes tower building troublesome.

I decided I’d make the entrance of the dungeon map, not a shrine as specified in Day 1 of #inktober, but a seemingly innocent hut.

This hut forms the top of my small underground tower

Unbeknown to any who enter the small hut, or even those who descend several floors to the empty basement…

.. a whole map of trouble and danger lurks behind a secret door!

Unfortunately I didn’t have long to draw today’s map, I was also very tired and distracted, so produced the worst #inktober addition to the map, to date.

Sorry about that 🙁

Small underground tower added to our map
A small underground ‘tower’ added to our dungeon map. It’s rubbish. Please don’t look

If you look, but not too closely please, the tower’s lower level takes players into the maze section (Added on the 9th).

On the top right corner of the map you can see the intermediate level and the higher ‘ground’ level room.

I’m quite happy with how the wood effect turned out on the floor of the upper level, this may be something I’ll try again in the future.

Unfortunately I put the door on the wrong side of the upper level, so I couldn’t even add an external area of wilderness to tie into the building.

What a failure.

Inktober Questions

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  • If you escape the dungeon map and fled the tower, where would you come out?
  • The basement of the tower has a hidden door into the maze, what is concealing the doorway?
  • What spirit lives and haunts the tower?

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