Eve Online: New Graphics Card

I knew my graphics card wasn’t brilliant, it was a relic you’re more likely to find in a drifting hulk in Eve Online than available at any shop. It wasn’t until I benchmarked it and compared it to others that I found out how bad it was.

One benchmarking site gave it a 3D benchmark of 250. After a bit of research I finally settled upon a new GeForce GTX 960 as a replacement, this one has a benchmark of 6600!

Thats over a 25x improvement!

Now Eve Online, which is what I predominately bought it for, plays like a dream. Everything is so smooth and crisp.  On top of that it’s visually stunning. Below is a series of comparisons; left is the old Radeon, the right hand side my new GTX 960. Click to see the extra detail.

gpu gpu2 gpu3

Here are just a few screenshots I thought were worthy of a capture as well.

gpu4 gpu5 gpu6 gpu7 gpu8 Untitled-23

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  1. Thanks for sharing these shots, Paul. What kind of frame rates do you get with the graphics set to High, and are you playing with all the settings on max, or did you have to turn some of them down a bit to maintain a good frame rate?


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