Day 11: Potions #inktober

Man was I dreading this day. Potions!? How do you draw a POTIONS themed room from a lofty position high above a dungeon.

What can you add to a Dungeons and Dragons map to make people think, potions?! Surely my penmanship isn’t good enough to draw individual potions

I was dreading this #inktober day, especially after yesterdays disaster of a tower inktober drawing.

With the help of some followers on Twitter however, it turned into one of the best #inktober additions I’ve done to date!

Check out the potion rooms in the bottom right corner of the dungeon map below:

dungeons and dragons map for inktober now with potions room
Was todays #inktober drawing scary. Thankfully my awesome followers on Twitter gave me some great ideas and they worked out so well! Couldn’t be happier

I think it turned out amazingly well.

Fancy a close up of the new potions section? Of course you do

ingredients room and potion room added to our dnd map
A close up of the ingredients and potion room. As well as the small alchemists office

Twitter Follower Inspiration

Today I was really struggling for motivation and inspiration for this room, but after a cry for help on Twitter, several followers came to my aid.

Half a dozen people suggested ideas, so thank you all.

I have cherry picked 3 individual replies for special thanks.

Potion Bottle Room – Eli Brightwood

Eli Brightwood gave me the inspiration to add a room shaped like a potion bottle, which at first I was terrified to try, but a test came out nicely

So I took the plunge, what a result. I love it.

The Alchemists Office – Dungeons & Blaggards

Dungeons & Blaggards gave me the idea of the small alchemists office with the spilt flask of liquid.

What potion has been dropped here?!?

The Ingredients Cave – Samantha Tee

Last but definitely not least, Samantha Tee gave me the great idea to add a room for the actual plants and ingredients.

Of course an alchemist would have the plants on hand nearby! What a great idea.

Thank you Eli, Samantha and Dungeons & Blaggards. You’re amazing!

Inktober Questions

If you’re not entered into my dice giveaway, you still have 20 days left to get your name entered!

Answer these questions to boost your chances of winning:

  • What potion was spilt?
  • What are the things growing in the cave?
  • What happened to the alchemist?

2 thoughts on “Day 11: Potions #inktober”

  1. I think the alchemist was, sadly, the victim of his own experiments. Make the bottom-level lackeys taste things often enough, they’re gonna come after you.


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