Battle for the Relic: Space Marines Report

space-marine-battle-reportFollowing on from the mighty Ork vs Space Marine vs Astra Militarum mission of relic we played two weeks ago; Paul, the leader of the Space Marines, files this report:

The Ultramarines started on one corner of the battlefield. This side offered good cover but slow progress to the relic due to the woods and difficult terrain. Ideally they would have got there first and retreated with the relic in hand. As it was they got there second but an 11 inch terminator charge ensured that it was quickly recovered from the ork scouting party. The space marine commander hadn’t accounted for the terminators making their charge and was somewhat out of position when the Ork Warlord came onto the scene. Despite his artificer armour it only look one swipe from the power claw to crush him.

The vindicare assassin was a constant danger from his excellent vantage point. He got first blood by blowing up the Imperial guard chimera. He kept his eye out for more valuable targets but both enemy commanders stayed out of his sight until he was taken out by a Lemon Russ lascannon.

One landspeeder proved a thorn to the orks as it wrecked a truck and half a squad, attempting in vain to slow them down. The other landspeeder got into position to multi melta the lemon Russ but missed. It hit it the flowing turn only for the tank to make a 6+ cover save from it’s camo nets. 2 squads of space marines were providing decent cover for the terminators who were proving dominant against both the imperial guard and orks. After destroying the ork squad with the relic they picked it up and were funnelled towards the gaukanaut by the fast approaching guardsmen. The terminators held their own against it, losing a couple of men but also taking a couple of hp off it. They lost round 2 and retreated which was actually quite useful. By now a single member of the squad remained but time was running out.

Unfortunately with virtually the last shot of the game he rolled a one for his save and dropped the relic. Space marine victory tally drops from 4 to 1 right at the last, a cruel blow.

Now you’ve heard what the Space Marines had to say about the battle over the relic, read the battle report from ‘Gutbleeda’ the Ork.

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