10 Creative Responses for when your Players Fail Investigation or Perception Checks

Role-playing games can be an exciting way to immerse yourself in a new world, but what do you do when your PC (player character) fails an investigation, perception, or sense motive check? Don’t worry, there are still plenty of ways to keep the game moving. Here are 10 creative thing I’ve come up with that … Read more

Simple History: The D-Day Landings


The D-Day Invasion of Normandy, a.k.a The D-Day Landings, saw history’s greatest ever amphibious invasion. Over 150,000 Allied soldiers crossed the British Channel from Southern Britain to five beaches in Northern France. Involved was a logistical puzzle involving 7,000 sea-faring vessels and almost 12,000 airplanes. The secrecy, scale and audacity of the beach landings largely … Read more

Quick Painting 15mm British infantry for Africa Theatre WW2

Completed 15mm Brits in Africa

I came across my Flames of War 1/100th scaled Brits the other day, and one thing lead to another… and now it seems I’ve ordered a bunch more stuff for Brits in Africa! The plan for these desert infantrymen though, will be that they are meant for the Battlegroup rules, not Flames of War. So … Read more

Painting recipe for Soviet infantry in 20mm

As a wargamer, my go-to force at the moment (2020-2021) is the mighty, sprawling and impressive Soviet empire. As a reminder to myself, I’ve put together this article on my painting recipe for Soviet infantry, in my current favourite WW2 scale, 1/72nd, 20mm. The miniatures shown here are mainly from Plastic Soldier Company, however the … Read more

Painting recipe USMC Pacific infantry 28mm

USMC painted and based

With the release of Battlegroup’s latest book bringing the fight to the pacific islands, my good friend Andy and I thought we’d jump into the salty shores of the Pacific WW2 conflict. Before I can get the miniatures to the table, I need to come up with a super-simple painting recipe for USMC Pacific infantry, … Read more

The FIVE Best Official D&D Adventure Modules for 5e


The aim of this post is to share my opinion on the best adventure modules you can buy for D&D 5th Edition, straight from the official canon of material. There are countless adventures contained in physical books and PDFs, written by stupendous authors, so I’ve had to limit the scope of these ‘top D&D adventure … Read more

Epic WW2 Battlegroup House Rules!

PSC Battlegroup Rule Book Featured

Plastic Soldier Company’s game Battlegroup have produced a fantastic rule set – an epic blend of historic accuracy, depth and play-ability (£15 – Rule book on PSC). It’s not too crunchy nor dry, which can be quite easily be an issue with historic wargaming, yet it’s got enough layers to keep you on your feet … Read more