Day 15: Challenge Room #inktober

For the 15th of October I tried something a little more adventurous and a whole lot more deadly. The lethal addition for this #inktober drawing was a lava jumping challenge.

As if plunging to your molten death wasn’t challenging enough on its own, the little stone islands gets progressively smaller until there’s barely anything to step on.

If you make it across the lava stone steps, you’ll find yourself in a small locked room. In one corner you’ll easily spot a green gem sparkling away on a marble pedestal.

The southern wall sees a thick sunken metal door in N archway. This is the door you’d have passed when leaving the tavern.

This side however, has an easy unlock mechanism that allows the heavy door to swing slowly open.

Thankfully you don’t need to do those lava steps again to get out!

Our #inktober map currently looks like this:

What do you think we should next?

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