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Its another sunny day in October 2018, so that must mean another #inktober post for our Dungeons and Dragons map. Yesterday topic was the sunken shaft, but todays was 'the altar'. Moving south from the endless void we discovered yesterday, we come across a small junction and a thick blue
Today, Wednesday the 3rd of October 2018, has us adding a deep shaft into our little #inktober Dungeons and Dragon map. If you haven't seen yesterdays #inktober drawing, you can see it here where we added the 'deceased' room. So today we have expanded eastward from our deceased room and
Today is Tuesday the 2nd of October and our theme for #inktober is 'deceased'. If you're unfamiliar with #inktober then it is a daily drive to try and be creative in any way possible: ink, paint, pencil, CGI, clay, animation etc etc. If you missed my Day 1 of #Inktober,
So I was convinced to take part in this years #inktober, focusing on my passion for drawing Dungeons and Dragons maps. #inktober is defined by DigitalArtsOnline as It's that time of year again when everyone is encouraged to pick up a pen in the name of Inktober, the month-long challenge where artists
I'm just about to start DM'ing Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, making a leap over from the Pathfinder universe. We're hoping to start with the Lost Mines of Phandelver, so the Neverwinter city will be our nearest large city of civilisation. Our motley crew of relatively inexperienced role-players will be
Lindenbrooks Map
Long before Cora Lindenbrook acquired the deeds to what became her legendary Book & Scroll store, it was the humble abode of the stone half-giant Frumalog. Everyone in the realm knows of the superb wares of the Lindenbrook store, although that's at least what Cora the halfling would have you
D&D plot hook starting adventure in a tavern
When I started playing D&D decades ago, it was already seen as tradition to have adventures starting in a tavern. Now, it can be seen as both tradition and a trope to have players starting in a tavern. (Whether your world calls them microbrewery's, speakeasy's, inns or drinking dens -
Built with 4 foot thick stone walls and barred windows high in the ceiling, Lord Draimont’s Iron Hold prison held up to 40 inmates captive in cramped desperate conditions. During a freak unnatural storm, several masked sorcerers destroyed the western wall to the cells, entered the prison and lead a
I think I've mentioned it in a few articles now, but one of my favourite parts of Dungeons and Dragons (or Pathfinder) is the ability to produce new worlds. Even if you're just dreaming up a small hamlet, you can let your brain go wild creating it. However one thing
DMs often create monasteries, mansions and mines that are realistic, but this often lead players into thinking every room is equally as important and must be searched floor to ceiling. This leads to time wasted and much longer gaming sessions. How can the DM tell players that a room's unimportant
Did the DM hand out an overpowered item in your D&D or Pathfinder world? Is the magical item now ruining the game
What is ADVANTAGE in Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition and how does it affect your odds? Divine spells, monstrous creatures, skills, player classes and many other aspects of D&D#5E can be affected by advantage.