Map: The Iron Hold Prison

Built with 4 foot thick stone walls and barred windows high in the ceiling, Lord Draimont’s Iron Hold prison held up to 40 inmates captive in cramped desperate conditions. Its imposing outline on the horizon was enough to give most travels the desire to stay well away. The infernal screams of tortured and manacled prisoners only added to that feeling.

During a freak unnatural storm, several masked sorcerers destroyed the western wall to the cells. They entered the prison, slaughtered several hired hands and begun a mass prison break.

30 prisoners fled Iron Hold into the dark electrical storm and disappeared without trace. These prisoners ranged from murders, dark warlocks and spies of the empire. Amongst those that were freed, were:

  • Renvar Mastercloud – High level sorcerer of dark arcane energy. Awaiting trial for the killing of some 28 wealthy members of Neverwinter.
  • Faw Xang – A leader of the assassins guild, Darkvale.
  • Druet the Champion – A personal knight of Lord Draimont. Awaiting trial for her involvement with the kidnapping of both of Draimont’s heirs.

8 prisoners were slain in the initial prison break, 6 of whom were in the cell that was blown to pieces by the sorcerers.

11 prisoners, who had fled to a nearby tavern, were killed in several very bloody conflicts with the Royal Guard.

Custom D&D Map: Iron Hold prison
Custom D&D Map: Iron Hold prison

After the breakout from Iron Hold prison

Following the breakout, civil war fell upon the region. After Lord Draimonts demise and with the kidnapped heirs still missing, the Iron Hold prison failed to receive any repairs.

Once it fell into disrepair, it was quickly taken over by gnolls and has never been secure since.

The nearest place of civilisation is likely to be Lindenbrook’s Book and Scroll Store, over the hills a few miles to the East.

Thanks to @thunderbrd1 for their suggestion of The Iron Hold as a name.

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