Job + God + Birthday = Lots of cake

Job + God + Birthday = Lots of cake

Even as a blogger who doesn’t write about a certain theme, or isn’t exceptionally literate or poetic, its nice to pick up a few messages over the last few weeks wondering why I’ve not been posting on here. Could it be I’ve finally stepped away from the keyboard and actually visited the real world?

Not really no.

February and the start of March, which saw me posting only two short re-reviews about films (Star Trek, Leon), was largely quiet because of a few factors.

Work – what work?

LAMP Developer doesn't involve me making lamps people!
My new title is LAMP Developer, which before you make a joke, doesn’t involve me making lamps ;)

As many of my close friends will know, the situation at work hasn’t been “ideal” for a long period, mainly due to a very frustrating and prolonged period of business-like-limbo enforced by our parent company. This, combined with a desire to push myself as a developer (and a great testimony of prayer) led me to applying, being offered and accepting a new job all within 14 days.

These two weeks were a hive of interviews and research – something that understandibly took me away from jolly old blogging.

This new roll seems great, with lots of potential and in a brilliant (and growing) company in the East of Swindon.

I’m rather excited to be kicking off this new opportunity on the 25th of March.


This came as a bit of a two pronged assault on my blogging time – continuing and developing my skills as a web developer (thats my job) as well as preparing/hosting talks for our small group.

Research – not exactly my forte…

Web developing involves knowing a lot of skills, methods and languages – all of which are constantly changing and ‘improving’. Honing my grasp of theses is thankfully quite an enjoyable process… at least most of the time :)

Also a large part of my lift is involvement with my church, of which I was able to share some recent research I did on the apostle Paul to a small group. I’m not gonna lie, sitting down and pouring through books isn’t how I prefer to spend my evenings (especially the cold miserable ones in February), but it focuses me onto God and the Bible – both of which I know I would benefit from doing more.

Play – ‘cos its ma Birthhhhday

Birthday stuff!
Games, cards, music, presents, bears, sweets and penguins!

February, one of the greyest and wettest months of the year also happens to contain my birthday – whoop whoop.

Most years I don’t tend to do much and don’t ask for much – I’m usually quite content on letting it roll by without too much attention. This year though, it seems I managed to do quite the opposite. Yesterday, the second week of March, saw the last ‘official’ celebration of my birthday, with cake and presents. I’ve managed to draw the 2013 birthday out for several weeks. Go me!

This has meant meals out on several evenings – great for fun – bad for wallet/waist/blogging (haha, that’s not a real complaint!)

Not that drawing it out is the important thing – but being able to celebrate it with so many people – that’s the key thing.

I’m very blessed with some truly epic friends.

Unfortunately I should probably now take down all my lovely cards… even if they do make my lounge a lot more colourful :)


As mentioned a few times on this blog, I’m very blessed to be able to help out with our Alpha course at church, an opportunity to help people learn more about the Christian faith. Once the last course finished at the end of 2012, I have continued to meet with several of the Alpha people on a weekly basis to continue their Q/A sessions.

Alpha - its for anyone
Alpha – its for anyone

Thankfully I don’t lead these little chats, we’re fortunate to be able to go to one of our Elders (church leaders) house and fire any questions at him. I’m mainly there for support (and to eat some wonderful cakes).

This is a regular commitment that I absolutely love attending (not just because of the calibre of baking, honest!), not only is it great to see young Christians developing their faith, but I’m learning lots too. Day-to-day life in the secular world often makes it hard to focus on theological issues – these Alpha nights are a brilliant way for me to again, re-focus on God.

With a new Alpha course starting at Gateway church (Swindon) soon, this weekly group will be absolved by multiple other weekly groups. Us helpers and Alpha leaders will then start welcoming in dozens of new people to church – people who often have never stepped foot into a ‘church’ before. Lots of new faces, new questions, new issues (and yes, new cakes!)

So February was busy!

With getting a new job, focusing on God, celebrating my birthday over several weeks and meeting up with the Alpha guys – its culminated in a rather quite period of blogging.

What I should do is write up my notes on the apostle Paul and any questions raised in Alpha – as well as posting photos of social events, that’s what I should do… but who has the time…


Oooo I’ve also been running away from zombies too…

That should probably be explained in another article though …


Life: Philosophy and Heaven

Life: Philosophy and Heaven

The wonderful cross

Tonight we were discussing the prophetic promise of the new Jerusalem.

Not specifically the verse below, but this verse came up tonight and it sure does give me hope and peace for the future.

“There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.” – Revelations 21:4

No, specifically we talked about the subject of identity in Heaven. We will be new creations, that is promised to us. Will we have desires though? For it is our desires that lead us and push us in life, at least partly. That is the discussion that we ran with for the night.

Are desires even a possibility when you’re inconceivably full of worship for a God that you now have perfect union with? Isn’t wanting something just a selfish act? A craving for something more?

Surely you can’t crave something if you’re, by definition, in a situation and environment that is both physical and spiritually perfect.

These were the kind of questions being discussed tonight; wonderfully complex, deep and inspiring. However, also amazingly irrelevant too, for you’re not going to be saved based on your ideas of Heaven, but we all knew that tonight.

To put it into a language I’m more comfortable with, it was more of a thought experiment than anything else. Our salvation won’t be based on how accurately we predicted the characteristics of Heaven, but entirely on where we put our faith while we’re here on Earth.

If you do want to know more about it though, I can recommend a good book :) I think we can all rely on the fact that whatever its like, whatever we want and whatever we receive, it’ll be nicer than Swindon on a cold November night.