The Klaws of Treta: Orks vs Astra Militarum (Pt2)

Tonight we continued the second half of our Treta mission. The Orks had pressed quickly and firmly into the city boundaries of Treta, forcing the Cadian Militarum deeper into their defences. Last time we finished as the Chimera’s arrived, the Gorkanaut exploded and the Ork bomber was causing serious carnage. The mission continues with turn […]

Battle for the Relic: Ork Report

With the Orks tying for victory in our recent epic mission of siege the relic; Orks vs Space Marines vs Astra Militarum; the following communication was intercepted and translated from brutish Ork (Submitted by Andy P) So ere’s ow it went, a bunch of them puny umans rocked up, some wearing tough blue skin, the […]

Bloodshed at Treta – Orks vs Astra Militarum (Pt1)

As the sun rose through the lush green leaves, the stillness in the air was shattered by the war chants of the crazed green-skinned Orks. From their position in the depths of the Keil’s forest, they now charged straight for the city boundary of Treta. Startled by enemies at their back-door, a small company of […]

Relic: Ork vs Space Marines vs Astra Militarum

A quick write up for a 1K match up of Orks (Andy), Space Marines (Paul Smith) and Imperial Guard Astra Militarum (myself, Paul Joyce). The table was randomised, as were starting positions and the mission… relic! Never played it before, and having no fast units I realised I wouldn’t be the first one to the […]