April’s Full Moon

April’s Full Moon

Last nights full moon, as captured from the middle of Swindon on my 550D and 250MM lens.


Strangely enough I actually much prefer the half moon I captured earlier in the month,  where you can only see 50% of the moon. I think the half moon is a better picture because the way the light causes large shadows upon the moons surface, highlighting the craters and ridges.

Last nights moon, a full moon, was in comparison quite featureless.

Also shooting from the middle of Swindon, I wonder if the Moons slight colouring is due to our wonderful network of orange street lights we have.




Capturing tonights moon

Capturing tonights moon

Tonights moon captured out in the countryside.

Shot on a Canon 550D, 250mm lens, ISO100, Stabliziation Off and manually focused.

First proper moon photo I’ve taken :)

Click to view it biggggggggggggger

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”