A Modern Day Super Mario Film

A Modern Day Super Mario Film

Bowser invades Mushroom KingdomImagine a film where “Super Mario Brothers meets Blackhawk Down”, a gritty modern-day parody of our favourite Nintendo characters.

That’s what a bunch of guys over on Kickstarter are doing – turning our favourite retro game series into a gun-wielding cinematography experience.

The web series they’re producing is called Mario Warfare.

With Bowser’s men invading the Mushroom Kingdom, the royal family (including the princess) are in grave danger. With only a few familiar faces in the palace, will they be able to survive?

Check out part 1 below, it’s quite the impressive piece for a bunch of DIY film fans.

Hopefully they’ll hit their Kickstarter goal and continue to work on this web series.

I personally think its pretty cool – plus it’s a lot better than the real Mario Brothers film shot back in 1993.

Check out Mario Warfare on Kickstarter, support them, love them, encourage them… or whatever.