007’s ghost island exists!

007’s ghost island exists!

In this years instalment of James Bond, the epic Skyfall, they visit a truly bizarre and quite spectacular place. Without spoiling any of the plot for those one haven’t seen the film yet, they visit an island that is completely deserted and bereft of human life. A ghost island.

Not a single human soul lives there.

Okay… nothing too unusual about that, we see it in plenty of films these days, dreamy tropical islands encircled by rich golden beaches.

The main difference with 007’s deserted island is that it’s a jungle of concrete; a labyrinth of apartments, corridors, cinemas, offices and shops. The only thing that stops it being a fully functional city is the key ingredient – people.

Deserted Hashima island as seen in James Bond

The crazy thing is that the island that James Bond spends some tense moments, isn’t a fictional place. It’s a real town. Well… it was… I suppose. It lays some 10 miles off the coast of Nagasaki, Japan, and has a population of zero.

Zippo, nothing, nada, nobody… no one.

James Bond's Deserted Island - Hashima off of Japan's coastBuilt entirely to support an underwater coal mine, it reached a population of nearly 5,500 people in an area of 0.02 square miles. That’s horrendously built up! Not surprisingly it had the highest population density in the world.

Then petrol came along. Suddenly coal became less and less important, the mine closed and the people literally moved back to the mainland over night.

When I saw the island on the screen at the cinema I assumed it must be a wacky creation to maximise the tension and emotions of the scene. How could such an unusual island exist, why would it exist? Us humans have a habit of building stuff and… well… then living in them.

James Bond's Battleship Island
Hashima Island is also known as Battleship Island due to its silhouette
Hashima succumbing back to nature
Large areas of the island look like they’re on an apocalyptic movie set
Scenes of utter desolation
Chaos, with just a hint of the past
Rubble and debris outside the residential parts of Hashima
Rubble and debris outside the residential parts of Hashima
Decaying buildings on Hashima (Japan)
It must be a wonderful and eerie place to take photos

These photos are by random people I found while Googling information about this strange place, credit to those guys.

For some reason I really want to visit this island and experience it for myself. It must conjure up some truly bizarre emotions as you walk among the skeletons of these old buildings.

Anyone want to buy me a ticket to Japan then?

Lost islands, Do Re Mi & rain!

Lost islands, Do Re Mi & rain!
Tropical Pacific
Illustrative example of an island :)

Back in 2004 we were all glued to the television, watching the latest television masterpiece, Lost. A mad paradise that twisted people as much as the fabric of the island twisted itself.

Rescue attempts for the stranded crash survivors never really arrived, mainly because the picturesque South Pacific island disappeared out of current existence, via geographical based teleportation systems or matter manipulating phase shifting technologies…  simply vanished. Well it turns out that Sandy Island, a tropical island in the South Pacific has done just that. Minus the devastating plane crash.

Sandy Island has been on loads of maps, including Google‘s mapping system, but has never been explored. So when a team went to visit it, in the middle of the open ocean, all they found was more sea. The island no longer exists and there are kilometres of open sea beneath it… so it couldn’t have just eroded out of existence.

Check it out the mystery island on Sky or the BBC.


Antwerp sings ‘Do Re Mi’

Continuing on from last weeks flash mob by The Big Bang Theory crew and cast, I thought a ‘Do Re Mi’ dance along in Antwerp’s train station would go down quite well.


The UK dissolves in rain

You’d have thought that as an island that gets plenty of rain for most of the year, we’d be used to it… but nooooooooooooooo. A day of rain, albeit quite heavy rain, and the country is in tatters. Roads washed away, streets underwater, trains cancelled, houses flooded.

A true Hollywood disaster!

At least this cute little guy is embracing it.

Drench by [embr]
Drench by [embr]

Thankfully we didn’t get any lightning in Swindon yesterday, but this video is actually quite amazing. Showing how lightning moves, in a rather beautiful fashion.

Impressive huh – and ooooOoooOooooo the pretty lights.

Enjoy the weekend – its only around the corner. Do something productive, my favourite suggestion by a friend yesterday was to exploit all this rain and go kayaking through some forests. Sounds lush to me.

Flooded forest
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Enjoy the weekend – God bless