Google goes to war: Ingress

Google goes to war: Ingress
Ingress: Our future is at stake
The war of Ingress is already raging…

A silent war is raging between two groups of people. No-one is positive who is on who’s side, who is an ally, or who is an enemy.

The war exists but cannot be seen. Cities are filled with the weapons and power of war.

What is going on with Ingress?And this war has been created. Not by a power zealous country or state. Not even by a group of terrorists or rebels. No, this war has been created by Google. Created deep within their secret Niantic Labs.

Although this sounds like a bizarre opening to some story I’ve just knocked up, its true. Well, its true in an augmented reality kinda way.

The war, it turns out, looks like a cross between the multi-dimensional concept of Inception with the futurist interface of Tron. Check out the explanation video below…

.. bizarre yet intriguing too.

Some sort of augmented reality game made by Google, how odd.

Looks like it could be good and contain some good suspense though. Unfortunately I feel you’ll look like a complete idiot walking around cities with your phones held high. Actually on second thoughts, you’ll probably just blend in with everyone else.

At least the trailer video thing was well put together.

I’ve applied for an invite but I doubt there’ll be much Ingress action in the bustling heart of Swindon town centre.


Lost islands, Do Re Mi & rain!

Lost islands, Do Re Mi & rain!
Tropical Pacific
Illustrative example of an island :)

Back in 2004 we were all glued to the television, watching the latest television masterpiece, Lost. A mad paradise that twisted people as much as the fabric of the island twisted itself.

Rescue attempts for the stranded crash survivors never really arrived, mainly because the picturesque South Pacific island disappeared out of current existence, via geographical based teleportation systems or matter manipulating phase shifting technologies…  simply vanished. Well it turns out that Sandy Island, a tropical island in the South Pacific has done just that. Minus the devastating plane crash.

Sandy Island has been on loads of maps, including Google‘s mapping system, but has never been explored. So when a team went to visit it, in the middle of the open ocean, all they found was more sea. The island no longer exists and there are kilometres of open sea beneath it… so it couldn’t have just eroded out of existence.

Check it out the mystery island on Sky or the BBC.


Antwerp sings ‘Do Re Mi’

Continuing on from last weeks flash mob by The Big Bang Theory crew and cast, I thought a ‘Do Re Mi’ dance along in Antwerp’s train station would go down quite well.


The UK dissolves in rain

You’d have thought that as an island that gets plenty of rain for most of the year, we’d be used to it… but nooooooooooooooo. A day of rain, albeit quite heavy rain, and the country is in tatters. Roads washed away, streets underwater, trains cancelled, houses flooded.

A true Hollywood disaster!

At least this cute little guy is embracing it.

Drench by [embr]
Drench by [embr]

Thankfully we didn’t get any lightning in Swindon yesterday, but this video is actually quite amazing. Showing how lightning moves, in a rather beautiful fashion.

Impressive huh – and ooooOoooOooooo the pretty lights.

Enjoy the weekend – its only around the corner. Do something productive, my favourite suggestion by a friend yesterday was to exploit all this rain and go kayaking through some forests. Sounds lush to me.

Flooded forest
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Enjoy the weekend – God bless