RPG Map Commissions

Looking for an RPG map for your mid-week game or a sprawling dungeon for your next D&D delve?

Hopefully you’re reading this because you like my maps, so here’s a quick page on my commission prices.

Mini-sketch (A6): £25

Small Page (A5): £45

Full Page (A4): £80

If you’d like to use my maps for commercial use, or have something particularly unusual to request, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Addition of Basic Colour: +20% surcharge

Highly Detailed Map: +50% surcharge

All commissions will include several discussions via email to establish what you’re hoping for, as well as at least one preliminary sketch.

Contact: commissions@pauljoyce.co.uk

(All my maps are hand-drawn unique pieces and work will usually require a deposit before work is started)