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Hand-drawn maps for D&D, Pathfinder, Starfinder and many other RPG systems

Photos of Bath, Somerset

Here are a few pictures taken today in Bath, Somerset. Most of the original photos were of friends and not architectural or floral, hence only a tiny gallery today. Bath is such a lovely place and contains some stunning buildings, I’ll definitely be returning to capture a bit of the history on film.

Capturing tonights moon

Tonights moon captured out in the countryside. Shot on a Canon 550D, 250mm lens, ISO100, Stabliziation Off and manually focused. First proper moon photo I’ve taken 🙂 Click to view it biggggggggggggger  

Spring time in Lydiard Park

With the 6 month UK winter finally looking like its on its way out, I managed to spend a bit of this evening wondering around Lydiard park as the warm sun was setting. Taking my new camera for a spin and seeing what I could snap, I did the same exercise a few months ago, […]

Photoshopping French chateuax

Apparently most photos need a little tweak here or a touch up there to make them pop. My photos of French châteaux and vineyards that I just uploaded weren’t any exception. Below are some comparisons as to how even a beginner of both photography and Photoshop such as myself, can improve some shots using a […]