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I'm always finding new manufacturers for my main 1/72 scale Soviet Russian army. Russians, aka Soviets*, obviously make up a huge swathe of the forces involved and replicated on WW2 wargaming tables. My game of choice at the moment is Battlegroup which I'm enjoying thoroughly at 20mm size. The following
Artwork inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's universal horrors is something I find very inspiring when drafting up mytho centred scenarios for Call of Cthulhu. I mean, a picture is worth a 1,000 horrors words right? Below you'll find a whole bunch of inspiration art pieces that should be helpful for any
Battelgroup: Fall of the Reich logo
This after-action-report concludes the 2nd part of our Battlegroup scenario 'Forlorn Hope at Sachsendorf' (Part 1 of the Sachsendorf AAR report can be found here). We continue with the 3rd turn for the Russian invading force. Russian Turn 3 The final 3 coordinated 120mm timed barrages arrived at the start
DIY Terrain - Necromunda & Kill-Team
My good friend Andy and I are slowly creeping closer to our first games of Necromunder and also to some Kill Team. Despite having some of the original 1990's Necromunda terrain and bulkheads, we don't have a lot of solid custom of line-of-sight (LoS) blocking terrain that we can just
Battelgroup: Fall of the Reich logo
With COVID-19 in full force, our new found fondness for Battlegroup was driven online for the 'Fall of the Reich' campaign battle 'Forlorn Hope at Sachsendorf'. You'll find the after action report (AAR) for this battle in the following post(s). TL>DR; AAR - Jump down to Turn 1 or Turn
While my current Starfinder RPG campaign ploughs into the void of space, I continue to collect inspiration and draft up new spaceships to fill the little sci-fi universe. The majority of spaceships my players will never visit and have exteriors they'll never see, but who doesn't love building up and
These were an easy win on my spreadsheet of figures to paint. A handful of WW2 Germany infantry that only needed a little wash thrown over them before I could call them complete. 7x German infantry 'washed' and then 2 NPC miniatures painted completely. I should have done a bit
Recently I posted about the backlog of miniatures I want to make a dent in. Well, high on the spreadsheet are a bunch of Games Workshop Tyranid models that I had bought off Ebay. I purchased them second hand and was going to throw them at my players in a
Cover shot; mix of paint pots and undercoated miniatures
It turns out I need a new project. It also turns out I have almost 800 miniatures, mostly unpainted, from 28mm Games Workshop and Mantic models, down to 15mm Flames of War. There's a handful of D&D characters, Necromunda and Bloodbowls miniature too. Naturally I want to now get some
Starfinder Glossary: Gas Clouds
Below is a glossary of terms for my players of the current 2019 'Black Hole' campaign. Hopefully it'll be maintained as the campaign continues. Publicly you may or may not find this post interesting... but welcome to our little part of the world universe. A big thank you to people
Secret Dock for the City's Father RPG Map DND
Father Ouin-ti the 2nd was always seen as a mysterious fellow, but ever since his disappearance things have become... stranger. The most recent has come after cartographers managed to map his chapel. The Senii Chapel that he was known for giving marathon long private sermons in, has been found to
The lower level of a pyramid. Drawn by hand. Used for D&D or Fantasy RPGs
As you head out of Alexandite's Eastern gatehouse, the Kassan desert begins to stretch out before you for what looks like eternity. The white washed buildings with their fabric awnings give way to sun baked yellow sands. Dune after dune, fills your vision. Separating the yellow from the cloudless blue.