Battle for the Relic: Space Marines Report

Following on from the mighty Ork vs Space Marine vs Astra Militarum mission of relic we played two weeks ago; Paul, the leader of the Space Marines, files this report: The Ultramarines started on one corner of the battlefield. This side offered good cover but slow progress to the relic due to the woods and […]

Relic: Ork vs Space Marines vs Astra Militarum

A quick write up for a 1K match up of Orks (Andy), Space Marines (Paul Smith) and Imperial Guard Astra Militarum (myself, Paul Joyce). The table was randomised, as were starting positions and the mission… relic! Never played it before, and having no fast units I realised I wouldn’t be the first one to the […]

Are Necron Nebuloscope’s worth upgrading Tomb Blades with?

A quick break from the recent Tau postings as we look at the Necron Tomb Blades with their twin-linked Tesla carbines. Reading through the Necron codex for the first time I was really interested to see that the Tesla weapons that many Necron’s have cause an additional 2 hits for every 6 they roll To […]

Fields of Failure for Tau Once Again

Concluding from my previous article regarding my experimental 1500 point Tau army, the odds were stacked against me as I faced an experienced player using a deadly Eldar force. Or so I thought. When I had played him before he had used a few large squads of infantry, who seemed very tooled up for your […]