Lindenbrooks Map

Map: Lindenbrook’s Book and Scroll Shop

Long before Cora Lindenbrook acquired the deeds to what became her legendary Book & Scroll store, it was the humble abode of the stone half-giant Frumalog. Everyone in the realm knows of the superb wares of the Lindenbrook store, although that’s at least what Cora the halfling would have you believe. Rows of heavy old […]

Map: The Iron Hold Prison

Built with 4 foot thick stone walls and barred windows high in the ceiling, Lord Draimontā€™s Iron Hold prison held up to 40 inmates captive in cramped desperate conditions. During a freak unnatural storm, several masked sorcerers destroyed the western wall to the cells, entered the prison and lead a mass prison break. 30 prisoners fled Iron Hold into the dark electrical storm and disappeared without trace. These prisoners ranged from murders, dark warlocks and spies of the empire.