Day 10: The Tower #inktober

Stretching forth from the barren ground, a dark glimmering Mage’s tower dominates the landscape. That would have worked for 10th October’s #inktober, however I built my dungeon map entirely underground… so that makes tower building troublesome. I decided I’d make the entrance of the dungeon map, not a shrine as specified in Day 1 of […]

Day 9: The Maze #inktober

Another #inktober dungeon map I’m late with, whoops! This #inktober dungeon map addition see’s us adding a maze element. Here we’ve added a highly trapped maze to our original entrance stairs. I wanted to also add a lot of vertical movement too, so there are lots of stairs and passageways passing over and under. As […]

Day 8: Fire! #inktober

Damn I got behind in my Inktober drawing! This D&D map doesn’t draw itself. Thankfully a lot of people on Twitter encouraged me not to feel down and to just carry on when I got a chance. Therefore I present the fire room Even though I’m 3 days behind with this, I’m really pleased with […]

Day 7: Training Room #Inktober

Day 7 of #Inktober finds us stumbling upon a small training room, just south of the armoury. Several hay targets are setup at the far end of the room, with various arrows fired down range. It seems the shooters varied considerably in skill! 3 melee combat dummies hang front the ceiling, sporting old dented bits […]